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Underage Drinking
Alabama July 2013 Safe Stores program reminds adults to stop underage drinking
The Coalition for a Drug Free Dale County of SpectraCare Health Systems, the Dale County Sheriff's Office and Alabama's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Enforcement Division are teaming up to prevent underage drinking in Dale County by reminding adults the legal consequences of purchasing alcohol for minors with a sticker.
Alabama October 2013 Some teens, young adults abusing alcohol by 'vodka eyeballing'
On YouTube there are videos of people experimenting with so called vodka eyeballing. Each person taking a shot glass or entire bottle of vodka straight to their eyeball. All reacting the same way as if it's very painful.
Alabama November 2013 ABC Board joins in "Under Age, Under Arrest" to keep alcohol away from kids (Opinion from ALCAP)
ALCAP has joined the ABC Board and other state agencies and organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving in this campaign to convince students to say no to alcohol.
Alabama November 2013 ABC Board starts effort to stop underage drinking
The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has launched an initiative to stop underage and binge drinking in the state.
Alabama November 2013 Study: 41 percent of 18-20 year olds in Alabama are 'binge drinkers'
The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board kicked off a new statewide educational and public awareness initiative focusing that highlights the dangers of underage drinking and binge drinking and the social and legal costs of irresponsible drinking.
Alabama March 2014 "Under Age, Under Arrest" program expands to Miles College in Fairfield
Miles College will become the first college to hold a program designed to discourage binge and underage drinking. The program "Under Age, Under Arrest," run by Alabama's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, first began in November 2013 at a number of high schools in Birmingham and Montgomery.
Alabama March 2014 Operation finds most stores following law about selling alcohol to minors
An attempt by authorities to catch local stores selling alcohol to people under 21 found most of those businesses complying with state law.
Alabama March 2014 Prom Season and Spring Break Bring Reminder for Parents
Teens trying their luck with a fake I.D. should think again.The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board monitors liquor stores and trains their employees to look for fake I.D.'s.
Alabama April 2014 Underage drinking prevention program debuts
ABC Board Administrator Mac Gipson was joined by clergy, law enforcement and civic leaders in introducing that program at the school Monday afternoon.
Alabama June 2017 Summer safety for teens: What parents need to know
Most parents think summer for their teenagers means spending time with friends, sleeping in late and hanging out on the water, but state and local law enforcement officers are asking parents to be sure the fun doesn't turn deadly. 
Alaska December 2014 Regulators call for overhaul of alcohol laws, under-age drinking rules
The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board will advise Alaska legislators to reduce the criminal classification of charges for selling alcohol to minors and eliminate some of the penalties for minors cited with consuming alcohol.
Arizona December 2012 Liquor board investigates bar where missing ASU student went
The East Valley Tribune reported that the Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control confirmed Monday that the agency is reviewing information from Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace over concerns of possible underage drinking.
Arizona January 2013 10 Years of Success in Underage Liquor Sales Prevention
In a time when government programs are under scrutiny for their cost, relevance, and performance, the Arizona Department of Liquor tracks 10-years of success in preventing the sale of liquor to underage persons through their Covert Underage Buyer (CUB) Program.
Arizona March 2013 Inside the liquor department's covert underage buyer operation
We all know bars and restaurants are supposed to be checking identification cards, but we also know not all do. So there are police officers and teenagers out there doing undercover work to keep them on their toes.
Arizona August 2013 Tempe police launch Operation Safe and Sober for new school year
The start of school means parties, many times underage drinking, and that means a lot of peoples' safety is at risk.
Arizona January 2014 Pinetop-Lakeside alcohol crackdown leads to citations
An underage alcohol crackdown in Pinetop-Lakeside resulted in citations for three stores accused of selling to minors, authorities said.
Arizona August 2014 New state liquor law changes ways IDs are accepted
The law states that an "under 21" driver's license, the kind that are formatted vertically, are no longer considered an acceptable type of identification 30 days after the person turns 21.
Arizona May 2016 Don't be a McLovin: Using fake IDs in Arizona can lead to serious consequences
Lee Hill, assistant director of the Arizona Department of Liquor, needed the right visual to showcase the problem of fraudulent IDs in Arizona. A glass jar resembling a giant shot glass was perfect - but she had to fill it with hundreds of fakes in just a few days for her on-camera appearance.The following week, Department of Liquor Officer Craig Miller brought Hill boxes of fake IDs collected from establishments in Scottsdale and Tempe. The numbers of IDs were jarring to Hill and her staff. Since then, the department regularly collects fraudulent IDs gathered by police agencies and liquor establishments.
Arkansas January 2015 ABC, SPD issue 12 citations for selling alcohol to minors
Agents with the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and officers with Stuttgart Police Department went to 14 Stuttgart businesses to attempt sales of alcohol to minors.
Arkansas June 2016 A Minor Infraction: Stores selling alcohol to minors continue to be a problem in Arkansas
It's not your typical Friday night out on the town. But for Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) compliance crews, it's just another day on the job. "You guys ready?," asks Boyce Hamlet, ABC Enforcement Director. He and his team are on a covert operation to try and catch businesses red-handed as they sell alcohol to minors.
Arkansas September 2016 Conway PD bust 12 businesses for serving alcohol to underage informants
Conway police reported 12 businesses failed a random alcohol compliance check, after servers served alcohol to underage drinkers. Police are now warning businesses to retrain their staff, making sure it does not happen again.
Arkansas December 2016 Six Arkansas businesses cited for alcohol compliance violations
Six businesses in Saline County were recently cited for alcohol violations following undercover compliance checks. Officers with the Benton Police Department's Special Investigation Unit, the Saline County Sheriff's Office, and the Alcoholic Beverage Control division of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration conducted the undercover compliance checks.
Arkansas January 2017 ABC pulls Conway Hot Spot's liquor license for repeatedly serving minors
The Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) revoked The Draft's liquor license Friday after it found employees served alcohol to minors four times in less than a year. "Revocation has only happened nine times in my ten years so far with the ABC," said Director Bud Roberts. According to the revocation documents, the underage customers were not using fake IDs.
Arkansas April 2017 NEA Sports Club, Sodexo cited for alcohol violation
The Northeast Arkansas Sports Club and Sodexo are facing two citations after alcohol was sold to minors during a Feb. 18 event. In a letter to A-State officials, the Arkansas Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has charged the NEA Sports Club, a corporation that managed the alcoholic beverage license for the Convocation Center, with two Class A violations. The incidents occurred during the Luke Bryan concert held at the venue nearly three weeks ago.
Arkansas June 2017 Little Rock Police charge 49 people with underage drinking
Little Rock Police detectives say they cited 49 people with 124 charges related to underage drinking during Riverfest 2017.
Arkansas August 2017 Police bust underage drinkers to start the semester
Underage drinking and fake IDs can be an issue anywhere, but the problem amplifies when 20,000 undergraduates roll into town. Police were out in force on Dickson Street last weekend before college classes began. "We try to schedule around when the kids come back, dead day, times like that when historically speaking they've been very popular drinking days," Cpl. Dallas Brashears said. The point isn't to hit students with large fines or ruin their lives, he said. "The point is to discourage underage drinking and the DWIs and crimes and just general problems that come with it." Undercover and patrol officers issued 57 citations for underage drinking violations Aug. 17-19.
California December 2012 Huntington Beach may fine adults who let minors drink
Adults who host parties with underage drinking may soon face fines in Huntington Beach.
California December 2012 Novato youth share photos, presentation on underage drinking
"We all recognize that there's a drinking problem affecting young people in Novato," said Megan Paddack, 17, a senior at San Marin High School and Youth Council member. "It's sad to see that some young people choose to get in the car with a drunk driver. That is why we're here," said Paddack.
California December 2012 The Calif. Alcoholic Beverage Control uses grant to combat underage drinking
The grant was awarded to the ABC by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
California January 2013 Alcohol sales sting nets 12 ABC citations in Rocklin
The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control teamed up with the Placer County Sheriff's Office in an operation to test businesses throughout the county who sell alcohol to make sure they are not selling to minors. Rocklin police also work with the ABC.
California January 2013 Three Eureka businesses sell alcohol to minor
The Eureka Police Department and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) cited three clerks for selling alcohol to a minor.
California February 2013 Employees at Four Businesses Cited for Selling Alcohol to Female Decoy, Age 18
She visited 30 business, in coordination with Redlands police and an Alcoholic Beverage Control investigator.
California February 2013 Store clerk busted for selling alcohol to minors in Hemet
Agents of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) along with Police Officers from the Hemet Police Department have cited a clerk for selling alcohol to minors on Monday Feb. 25.
California April 2013 Bartender, store clerk face fines after selling alcohol to minor
A store clerk and a bartender were each facing possible fines and community service Thursday for selling alcohol to an underage decoy in Escondido, police said.
California April 2013 Watsonville council revokes Miramar's beer and wine permit
Officials said the owner of the Miramar Restaurant and Bar stacked up violation after violation during the past year, including allowing underage drinking, selling distilled spirits, and failing to provide food service with alcohol sales.
California May 2013 Nine San Luis Obispo businesses in trouble for selling alcohol to minors
Nine businesses in San Luis Obispo are in trouble for selling alcohol to minors. SLO Police and the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) conducted a sting operation with a decoy.
California June 2013 APD cites one business, two adults in sting operation
One store clerk and two adults were cited by the Arcata Police Department for selling and purchasing alcohol for minors during a sting operation on Sunday.
California June 2013 Briefs: 3 accused of buying minors alcohol
Three people were accused of furnishing alcohol to minors Tuesday night and were cited by the Marysville Police Department and the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
California June 2013 Santa Monica Police Department Aims to Curb Underage Drinking
The department (SMPD) will step-up its undercover operations geared toward curbing drinking by teens thanks to a $40,000 grant from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) the City Council is expected to approve Tuesday.
California July 2013 Three Wasco employees arrested for selling alcohol to minors
Three businesses in Wasco may face alcohol sanctions because of allegedly selling alcohol to minor decoys.
California September 2013 Police Arrest 15 in Countywide Alcohol Sting
Detectives with the Kern County Sheriff's Office, along with agents of the State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, arrested 15 people for alcohol violations throughout Kern County in August.
California October 2013 Two clerks at Fontana businesses are cited for allegedly selling alcohol to minors
Officers from the Fontana Police Department, along with agents of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), cited two clerks for allegedly selling alcohol to minors on Oct. 4, police said.
California October 2013 Watsonville police cite six people for selling alcohol to minors
Six people from six Watsonville businesses were cited for selling alcohol to minors Monday during a joint-effort sting between Watsonville police and the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
California November 2013 Several arrested, accused of providing alcohol to a minor
Sheriff's deputies arrested eight people and cited businesses after underage Sheriff's decoys were permitted to buy alcohol at licensed stores Nov. 14.
California December 2013 21 Petaluma businesses cited after alcohol sting
The state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control on Friday announced the results of last week's sting in which a total of 76 on-sale and off-sale locations were checked.
California December 2013 ABC to increase enforcement operations during holidays
Agents from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control will strictly enforce underage sales to minors during the holiday season, according to a release.
California January 2014 Alcohol sales sting in Riverside nets citations
Three Riverside businesses were busted for allegedly selling alcoholic beverages to youths under 18 years old, authorities said Friday.
California January 2014 Employees cited for selling booze to minor in Watsonville
Watsonville police ticketed nine employees from seven shops that sell liquor as part of an Alcoholic Beverage Control operation on Saturday.
California January 2014 Grant funds battling under-age drinking
In 2014, the Sheriff's Office continues to aggressively target problematic ABC licensed establishments that sell alcoholic beverages to minors and obviously intoxicated adult patrons. Minor-decoy and shoulder-tap operations will also continue countywide to minimize alcohol access to minors.
California January 2014 Mid-City Youth Look To Prevent Crime With Survey of Alcohol Retailers
Of the 30 stores the group surveyed, at least 28 were out of compliance with state Alcoholic Beverage Control standards.
California January 2014 Newark: Five people arrested for buying alcohol for minors during sting operation
During the five-hour operation, seven adults were arrested. Five were arrested for furnishing alcohol to minors, and two others were arrested for having an open alcoholic container in a vehicle, officers said.
California January 2014 Pleasanton store's liquor license suspended; third violation in three years, officials say
Pleasanton liquor store has been shut down for at least a month after it was cited for selling alcohol to an underage customer for the third time in three years, authorities said.
California January 2014 Police target adults who buy alcohol for minors in Merced County
Six months into the program, the three departments have conducted six operations, including Impact Program inspections and shoulder-tap buys, which resulted in arrests and citations within the six month period.
California February 2014 169 arrested during Supercross event at Qualcomm
More than 80 officers issued citations with offenses including furnishing alcohol to a minor, public drunkenness, possession of false identification and minors in possession of alcohol, an ABC statement said.
California February 2014 Three clerks at Fontana businesses are cited for selling alcohol to minors during decoy operation
The operation involved minors under the direct supervision of Fontana Police and ABC agents. The minors attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages from 15 retail locations in Fontana.
California March 2014 Manhattan Beach 7-Eleven closed for selling alcohol to minors
The business had two violations of sales to a minor in the past year. Those violations occurred during "minor decoy" stings conducted by the Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and El Segundo police departments and the ABC. The agencies have collaborated as part of a grant to educate and conduct enforcement of ABC-licensed establishments.
California March 2014 Over 60 people arrested around Bay Area for buying alcohol for minors during decoy operation
Working with over 100 law enforcement agencies, the ABC conducted a statewide operation on Saturday leading to the arrest of 544 people for furnishing alcohol to people under the age of 21 and related charges.
California March 2014 Police checking if merchants sell alcohol to minors
The city's police department, in partnership with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, will be conducting sting operations in town to help reduce underage drinking.
California April 2014 ABC Suspends San Jose Restaurant License For Selling Alcohol to Minors
A restaurant in San Jose had its license to sell alcohol suspended for 30 days due to multiple violations.
California August 2014 Four Businesses Busted for Selling Booze to Minors
First-time offenders can be fined anywhere between $750 and $3,000, depending on the location's alcohol sales revenue.
California November 2014 Menlo Park police get $25,000 grant to prevent liquor sales to minors
According to the police department's press release, the grant from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control also will be spent to conduct seminars for the businesses' employees on alcohol and drug regulations.
California December 2014 Merced police receive $21,300 grant to fight alcohol-related crimes
The grant, one of several awarded to law enforcement agencies statewide, strengthens law enforcement's efforts by combining the efforts of local police officers and ABC agents. ABC has been awarding grants since 1995 to strengthen partnerships between ABC and local law enforcement agencies.
California February 2015 Sheriff's Dept., ABC Cite Seven I.V. Businesses for Selling Alcohol to Minors
Providing alcohol to minors involves a minimum fine of $1,000 and 24 hours of community service. According to a statement released by the SB County Sheriff's Office, all seven businesses are subject to a fine of up to $3,000 each.
California March 2016 124 arrested in L.A. County during sting targeting underage drinking
California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control officials teamed with more than 80 police and sheriff's departments throughout the state to conduct "shoulder tap" operations, ABC spokesman John Carr said. Officials made 413 arrests and citations during the sting, he said. Nearly 340 of the arrests were for furnishing alcohol to minors, while 70 others were arrested for other reasons, such as having open containers of alcohol, possessing fake IDs, public drunkenness, drug possession or outstanding warrants.
California June 2016 Grant used in alcohol decoy stings
The La Mesa Police Department has updated its statistics on illegal alcohol purchases by adults for minors since being awarded a $34,000 grant from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control last July to battle alcohol-related crime.5 percent buy rate.
California August 2016 38 minors arrested on alcohol charges after concert in Chula Vista
Chula Vista police arrested 38 people for being minors in possession of alcohol during a sting operation at a Kenny Chesney concert at the Sleep Train Amphitheater. Those arrested ranged in age from 17 to 20 years old. All those who were arrested and detained were released with a misdemeanor citation or released to their parents or a guardian with a date to appear in court.
California August 2016 38 minors arrested on alcohol charges after concert in Chula Vista
Chula Vista police arrested 38 people for being minors in possession of alcohol during a sting operation at a Kenny Chesney concert at the Sleep Train Amphitheater. Those arrested ranged in age from 17 to 20 years old. All those who were arrested and detained were released with a misdemeanor citation or released to their parents or a guardian with a date to appear in court. CVPD's operation was funded by the California Alcoholic Beverage Control through the department's Grant Assistance Program.
California September 2016 Berkeley: Off-campus drinking citations rise at UC Berkeley
The start of the academic year at UC Berkeley has yielded a year-over-year rise in off-campus drinking violations, police said Wednesday. As part of a coordinated campaign with 14 other law enforcement agencies, Berkeley police said they issued 551 alcohol-related citations and made 17 arrests over the last two weekends in areas south of the UC Berkeley campus. More officers are participating in the campaign, now in its 12th year and sponsored by a grant from the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, but that's not what drove the increase in citations and arrests, Berkeley police Sgt. Andrew Frankel said.
California November 2016 Sheriff's Office participates in statewide shoulder tap and minor decoy operations
Underage minor decoys, working under the direct supervision of Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies and an Alcohol Beverage Control agent, visited 14 locations throughout Isla Vista and the City of Goleta and conducted "Shoulder Tap" and "Minor Decoy" operations.  During the shoulder tap operations, minor decoys stood outside convenience stores and liquor stores where they asked patrons to buy them alcohol. The minors made it clear that they were underage and could not purchase the alcohol by themselves.Over the two-day operation, five of the adults that were approached agreed to purchase alcohol for the minors. They were each cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.
California January 2017 Underage drinking biggest issue at SnowGlobe Music Festival
Underage drinking was the biggest issue at the 2016 SnowGlobe Music Festival, according to incident reports from South Lake Tahoe Police Department. Out of 238 total arrests and citations, 148 were for minors in possession, up from 104 the year prior. The Alcoholic Beverage Control, a state law enforcement agency from Sacramento, came up to aid local law enforcement during the busy holiday season, which included other large events at the casinos in Stateline.
California February 2017 Liquor license suspended at pizzeria after alcohol sold to minor last year
Officials with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control moved to suspend the liquor license of a Berkeley pizzeria Thursday after an employee allegedly sold alcohol to a minor last year during a sting, department officials announced.  The suspension will last for 25 days, according to ABC officials.
California March 2017 410 people arrested so far in statewide underage drinking enforcement operation
Agents from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and officers from approximately 80 local Police and Sheriff’s Departments have arrested or cited 410 individuals during a statewide underage drinking enforcement operation designed to create awareness to the problem of underage drinking and also protect California’s youth while increasing public safety.
California March 2017 Minor decoy operation targets area wineries
A Minor Decoy Operation conducted by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) targeted wineries in the Ramona and Julian areas to test if minors were served alcohol. The two agencies had five minor decoys who tested 13 wineries, attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages inside their establishments, according to Sgt. Karla Menzies with the sheriff’s department. Of the 13, three wineries had an employee serve alcohol to a decoy, she said.
California March 2017 Oakley: Guns seized during ABC operation
Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff detectives recently conducted a “Decoy Shoulder Tap” alcohol enforcement operation with the Oakley Police Department. The goal of the operation was to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking and also to deter adults from buying alcohol for minors. The operation resulted in 3 citations, two arrests for illegal possession of firearms, and one arrest for a parole violation.
California June 2017 Authorities didn't appreciate what was going on at concert in Turlock; 20 arrested
Twenty people were arrested for underage drinking or providing alcohol to a minor at a country music concert in Turlock over the weekend, according to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.
California June 2017 Underage drinking sting leaves 18 Isla vista and Goleta establishments with citations
Recent undercover operations by local law enforcement targeted establishments that serve alcohol in the area. 
California August 2017 It's official: Beer is back at Bulldog Stadium
Following a declaration from the California State University system, Fresno State will once again allow the sale of beer at its stadium for sporting events. The university's administration announced that starting in the fall, fans will be able to purchase up to two beverages per sale from two beer gardens available during games at Bulldog Stadium. The Fresno State Athletics Department is working with Pardini's, its concessionaire; the Fresno State Police Department; and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to ensure all regulations are met and that each server completes the required LEAD (Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs) training.
California August 2017 Santa Maria market's alcohol license revoked after multiple citations
A Santa Maria store lost its liquor license Tuesday after being cited three times since 2014 for selling alcohol to minors posing as decoys during law enforcement operations. The store, which was issued an alcohol license in January 2011, had incurred about $13,000 in fines, according to the Alcohol Beverage Control database.
California September 2017 Berkeley police issue more than 500 alcohol-related citations in first 2 weekends of semester
Berkeley Police Department issued 551 alcohol-related citations or arrests during the first two weekends of the fall semester for a second year in a row, according to BPD spokesperson Sgt. Andrew Frankel. Frankel said in an email that since 2004, BPD has partnered with outside law enforcement agencies through the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC, to target and record alcohol-related crimes during the beginning of the semester. This year, BPD recorded 534 citations and 17 in-custody arrests from Aug. 18-20 and Aug. 24-26 for offenses such as open containers, minor in possession, furnishing alcohol to someone under the age of 21 and possession of a fake ID.
California September 2017 Four cited for supplying alcohol to minor during police 'shoulder tap' operation
The Redding Police Department cited four people during a "shoulder tap" operation Friday where a minor decoy working with officers attempted to buy alcohol from businesses and also contacted people outside stores to buy booze. The operation is funded by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and helps encourage safe and appropriate sales of alcoholic beverages.
California December 2017 Shoulder tap operation nets citations
On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, agents with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and officers with the Redding Police Department conducted a minor decoy and shoulder tap operation. The operation is designed to encourage safe and appropriate sales of alcoholic beverages and is funded by an ABC grant. Officers also targeted alcohol violations around the parks and trail systems of Redding.
California January 2018 10 Tulare County store clerks suspected of selling alcohol to minors
Law enforcement officers continue to crackdown on alcohol sales to minors throughout Tulare County. On Friday, 10 businesses were caught selling alcohol to minors during a Tulare County Sheriff's Department detail. Over the last two weeks, nearly two-dozen businesses across Tulare County have been suspected of selling alcohol to minors - 18 were cited by deputies.
California January 2018 Three cited in county 'Shoulder Tap' alcohol sting
The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office conducted a shoulder-tap operation this past weekend with a grant from California Alcohol Beverage Control at various locations in El Dorado County. During the operation people were asked to purchase alcohol for underage patrons. Dylan Padilla, Christy Shinley and Michael Kavaros were issued citations for purchasing alcohol.
California February 2018 Pappy's Grill & Sports Bar loses liquor license after selling alcohol to minors
Pappy's Grill & Sportsbar, located at 2367 Telegraph Ave., will no longer be serving alcoholic beverages - for now. The business recently had its alcoholic beverage license suspended after the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC, observed the business serving alcohol to minors. The notice of suspension was issued Feb. 15. "The license has been suspended for 30 days and indefinitely thereafter until the transfer of the license has been completed," said John Carr, a spokesperson for ABC, in an email. "The license for Pappy's Grill Inc. was suspended because the business sold alcohol to minors on three separate occasions within a three-year period."
California February 2018 Three Santa Clarita businesses cited for allegedly serving alcohol to minors
Two restaurants and a liquor store in the Santa Clarita Valley were accused of selling alcohol to minors in a sting operation aimed at ferreting out people who put alcohol in the hands of minors, sheriff's officials said Thursday. The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station's Community Partnerships Bureau met up with agents of the state's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to carry out decoy sting operations at eight local businesses last week. "We, as law enforcement officers, are holding them to a higher standard," Capt. Robert Lewis told The Signal on Thursday, vowing to continue carrying out ABC sting operations.
California February 2018 Tulare County Sheriff's Office cracks down on underage drinking
The Tulare County Sheriff's department's minor decoy operation boasted eight citations, after 26 stores in the southern part of Tulare County were targeted for selling alcohol to minors. Lieutenant Gabriel Macias says the operation, in connection with Alcohol Beverage Control, sends members of their Explorer Program to buy alcohol from store clerks. They target these areas based on tips and surveillance done prior to operations.
California March 2018 ABC agents arrest over 350 statewide in underage decoy operation
California Alcohol Beverage Control Agents arrested over 36 people in the Sacramento area and over 350 statewide in an Undercover operation aimed at those illegally buying alcohol to minors.
California March 2018 Cal Poly police crack down on underage drinking over St. Patrick's Day weekend
Cal Poly Police, along with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, issued 23 citations and made five arrests related to underage drinking over the St. Patrick's Day holiday weekend, according to university officials.  Officers checked for fake IDs at several stores and bars. In addition to the citations, many of which were for minors in possession of alcohol with fake IDs, one store was reportedly found in violation of selling alcohol to minors. 
California March 2018 Health Alert: Alarming news about local underage drinking deaths
Annual data from San Diego county medical services show an alarming number of local underage drinking deaths.  Those numbers beg the question: If young people are not old enough to drink, where are they getting the alcohol?  "It is unlawful and illegal to give alcohol to kids under 21 - don't do it." That was the message from county officials and health experts as San Diego fights to stop underage alcohol-related deaths.   On average, the medical examiner said eleven teens die in San Diego each year with alcohol byproducts in their system.
California March 2018 Modesto market was known for selling alcohol to minors. Now it can't sell to anyone.
A Modesto neighborhood market had its liquor license suspended after a year-long investigation found it sold alcohol to minors more than half a dozen times, authorities said.  The Midway Market, just south of Hatch Road near the Ceres border, was issued the suspension Thursday by the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. It's a rare move reserved for some of the worst violators. Over the course of its investigation, which started last March, ABC found seven instances of store employees selling beer, Four Loko and other alcohol to underage buyers.
California May 2018 Alcohol may have contributed to UCSB student's fall from rooftop: Sheriff's Office
A University of California, Santa Barbara student was taken to a hospital after falling from the rooftop of a residence in Isla Vista early Sunday morning, authorities said. The man, identified as a 20-year-old student of the university, was on the roof taking a photo of a group of his friends when he fell, officials said. The fall appeared to be accidental, but alcohol may have been a contributing factor, according to the news release.
California May 2018 Fake IDs flood downtown SLO: Up to $1,000 fine, jail
Getting caught red-handed with a fake ID has become a pricey affair in California: The minimum fine is $250, but it can go as high as $1000, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. In some cases, it can even result in jail time. SLOPD records indicated that there were 20 arrests in 2016, and 28 arrests in 2017 for minors in possession of fake identification. In a recent extreme example, police found fake IDs in the vehicle of former Cuesta student Gianna Brencola after, while drunk, she struck and killed a Cal Poly student riding his bicycle August 2017.
Colorado March 2013 Fort Collins concertgoers face alcohol tests
Anyone younger than 21 attending a concert at the Aggie Theatre in Old Town Fort Collins must now submit to a breathalyzer and pat-down after police declared that drunkenness at the popular music venue was putting a major strain on their resources.
Colorado March 2013 Vail Valley liquor stings will continue
Vail reportedly leads state in recent violations.
Colorado June 2013 County makes progress on underage drinking; data shows it's still easy for minors to buy drinks
The agency uses data from the state Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division to identify communities where it's easiest for teens to buy alcohol. Despite the education campaign, Weld still is a relatively easy place for teens to buy alcohol.
Colorado July 2013 State liquor enforcers "sting" four out of five local establishments
Colorado liquor enforcement officers were in town last week and tested five establishments with an undercover sting operation. Four of the establishments failed.
Colorado April 2014 4 businesses cited for underage liquor sales
Four of 39 establishments checked by the Loveland Police Department Liquor Enforcement Unit and State of Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor Enforcement Unit Thursday night were cited for serving liquor to a minor.
Colorado April 2014 Two liquor violations close Durango brewery
Durango Brewing Co. sold sealed or unsealed containers of alcoholic beverages outside the licensed premises and sold to a minor, according to the state Department of Revenue's liquor enforcement division.
Colorado November 2014 Colorado Springs restaurant fires employee who served kids liquor
The restaurant chain said it is working with Colorado liquor enforcement officials to make sure the problem does not happen again.
Colorado December 2014 Four Pitkin County businesses cited in Dec. 2 alcohol-sales sting
State revenue department records show that in 2012, agents made 22 stops in Pitkin County on three separate dates, with seven citations issued, for a 32 percent failing rate.
Colorado June 2016 Country Jam alcohol related arrests
Country music fans from all over came to partake in one of the biggest concert events that comes to the Grand Valley. It wasn't just a big weekend for attendees, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office kept their hands full. With the assistance from the Colorado State Liquor Enforcement Officers, 146 arrests were made during the event, 131 of which were minors, and that was only for the first three days of the four day festival.
Colorado July 2016 Underage drinking party in Silverton leads to overdose, citations
A massive party of underage drinkers, mostly from Durango, resulted in a 14-year-old boy being flown to the hospital with an extreme alcohol overdose during Silverton's Fourth of July celebration. San Juan County Sheriff Bruce Conrad said the site was occupied by about 160 underage drinkers, mostly from Durango. In addition, four citations for underage drinking were issued."I spent my whole entire day - 13 hours - dealing with Durango's kids being drunk," San Juan County Sheriff Bruce Conrad said of Monday's festival in Silverton.
Colorado May 2017 State suspends Spring Cafe liquor license
An Aspen cafe recently was penalized by the state's Liquor Enforcement Division for serving beer to a minor on two occasions.Spring Cafe's liquor license was suspended from April 27 through Monday. The suspension was the result of the cafe's violating terms of an agreement with the state that it would not serve alcohol to minors after it was cited April 23, 2015, for selling a New Planet Pale Ale to an 18-year-old operative with the state, according to Department of Revenue records.
Colorado December 2017 Responsible Retailers suspends 1501 RestauBar after liquor license suspension
The Fort Collins Responsible Association of Retailers (RAR) chapter announced Thursday that it has suspended 1501 RestauBar after the bar's liquor license was suspended following a police investigation. 1501 RestauBar is accused of failing an underage drinking sting and was served with the suspension late Dec. 7. The 1501 W. Elizabeth St. establishment opened in May in the Campus West neighborhood. Fort Collins Police Services had received multiple complaints of underage drinking and visibly intoxicated patrons before launching its undercover investigation. A Dec. 20 hearing in front of the Fort Collins Liquor Licensing Authority is scheduled to determine if 1501 RestauBar will lose its liquor license.
Colorado January 2018 Fort Collins bar surrenders liquor license after 4 employees charged
1501 RestauBar owner Mamta "Sonii" Kapoor surrendered the establishment's liquor license on Thursday after a December undercover police sting revealed that the bar was serving underage drinkers. Four employees of the Campus West bar have since been criminally charged in connection with the sting and face misdemeanor charges of providing alcohol to minors. After various undercover operations, Fort Collins police alleged that staff of the 1501 W. Elizabeth St. bar had violated numerous liquor codes and were systematically profiting off underage drinking.
Connecticut June 2013 Four East Haddam Locations Fail Liquor Compliance Checks
A bar, a liquor store, a restaurant and a golf club all allegedly sold alcohol to a minor during a controlled purchase.
Connecticut June 2013 Underage Liquor Sales Crackdown This Summer
The Dept. of Consumer Protection is sending undercover officers to find and penalize retailers who sell to the under 21 crowd.
Connecticut July 2013 Putnam establishments pass liquor test
A dozen Putnam bars and restaurants have passed a test of whether they obey a law banning alcohol sales to underage buyers.
Connecticut October 2013 Five Orange restaurants cited for selling liquor to minors
Five Orange restaurants were cited for selling liquor to minors after the state Liquor Control Division and Orange Police conducted an undercover compliance check last week.
Connecticut October 2013 SADD, State Working Together To Curb Underage Drinking
This year, as of mid-August, students have gone undercover and completed 412 compliance checks, with 97 resulting in action against the liquor store. And there are more compliance checks scheduled, according to Claudette Carveth, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Consumer Protection.
Connecticut March 2014 State Suspends Liquor Licenses For Toad's Place, Temple Grill
Two downtown establishments will have to shut off the beer taps briefly in March after the state charged them with selling alcohol to minors.
Connecticut May 2014 One of 27 liquor stores checked allegedly sold to minor
"These statewide, ongoing compliance operations are consistently useful in helping us to identify permitted locations that are selling alcoholic beverages to minors," Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said.
Connecticut April 2016 Sexual assault of Sacred Heart student leads to underage drinking crackdown
A Bridgeport bar may be shut down after an alleged rape of a Sacred Heart University student last week. The 19-year-old victim thought she and her friends were being picked up by an Uber driver. In light of this incident, which involved underage drinking, the Golden Star Café was raided Tuesday night.
Connecticut April 2016 Southington police, state officials find several businesses in violation of underage drinking laws, town ordinance
On March 18, local police, agents from the state Liquor Commission and members of the Southington Town-wide Effort to Promote Success (STEPS) conducted a number of "controlled purchases" of alcohol at various businesses. Officials used three 19-year-olds to buy alcohol, who presented a valid underage identification.
Connecticut July 2016 25 Stratford retailers pass police liquor probe
Twenty-five local liquor retailers passed a joint police and state undercover investigation by failing to sell alcoholic beverages to an underage buyer. "The inspections are performed in an effort to determine compliance with state laws concerning prohibition on the sale of alcohol to minors," said Police Lt. Frank Eannotti. On June 18, 2016, Stratford Police and the State Liquor Commission conducted began the unannounced investigation by sending an underage youth into each of the businesses.
Connecticut November 2016 West Haven PD investigate stabbing at underage drinking party
Police are investigating after a juvenile was stabbed at underage drinking party in West Haven Saturday night.  Police say officers responded to a York Street home around 10:20 p.m. to the report of a stabbing. Upon arrival they learned that an underage drinking party had taken place and that the stabbing victim was in the backyard of the home.  Officers located the suspect near the intersection of York And Collis Streets. Police say the suspect also had to be taken to the hospital due to a high level of intoxication.
Connecticut March 2017 Liquor permit suspended at bar where teen fell to death
One week before a teen plummeted to her death from the roof of a city bar, Hartford police had alerted state liquor officials about suspected underage drinking at the establishment. The Angry Bull Saloon's liquor permit was suspended until March 24 after the death early Friday of Taylor Lavoie, 18, of East Granby, a Central Connecticut State University freshman. Lavoie is believed to have been in the Angry Bull Saloon before her death, Deputy police Chief Brian Foley said. She fell four stories off the roof. She was wearing a wrist band from the Angry Bull and had what Foley described as a "very good" fake ID on her.
Connecticut July 2017 Hartford Police enforce underage drinking referrals at concert Friday
Hartford Police handed out underage drinking referrals and transported concert-goers to the hospital Friday night.
Connecticut April 2018 New underage drinking bust nets another 100-plus in area
The number of underage drinking busts are growing as area police continue to crack down on nightclubs and stores that sell to college students and other underage patrons. The first bust took place at Johnny Utah's in Norwalk where police found more than 100 underage patrons, most Fairfield University students, followed by a bust on April 20 by Hamden police were another 100 underage people were found drinking at The Clubhouse on Whitney, according to Hamden Police Capt. Ronald Smith. Smith said the underage drinkers were nabbed when members of the Hamden Police Department Street Interdiction Team and the state of Connecticut Liquor Commission raided the bar for a liquor compliance check after receiving numerous complaints of underage drinking.
Delaware July 2014 13 arrested at underage drinking party in Rehoboth Beach
Upon arrival several groups of juveniles were seen walking away from the area, some of which were carrying alcoholic beverages.
Delaware August 2014 Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Agents Make Multiple Arrests at Underage Party in Rehoboth Beach
Contact was made with the responsible adult/host at the party, Diana Hamer, 37, of Rehoboth Beach. Hamer was house-sitting for a relative and was present while a large group of juveniles were having a party and consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises.
Delaware May 2016 Milton man charged for making fake ID cards in home
A Milton man is facing charges, after Investigators say he was making fake identification card at his home. The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement says they received a tip about a person in the Georgetown area, that was manufacturing official-looking Delaware Identification Cards and social security cards at his residence. Officials say the cards looked to be identical to the ones issued by the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles.
Delaware June 2016 Twenty arrested for alcohol violations during first day of Firefly
The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement says a covert operation led to the arrests of 20 people for alcohol-related violations in Dover as the 2016 Firefly Music Festival gets underway. DATE said that on Wednesday, June 15, agents conducted surveillance both inside and outside of area liquor stores to monitor for underage persons entering the liquor store and attempting to purchase alcohol. The operation was conducted over several hours Wednesday evening and DATE agents arrested 20 individuals, for a total of 28 charges.
Delaware September 2016 180 charged with underage drinking at UD frat party
One hundred eighty people were charged with underage drinking at an unofficial fraternity party near the University of Delaware on Saturday. Newark Police on Saturday had the help of police from the University of Delaware, Middletown, state troopers and the Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement.
Delaware November 2016 Upper Darby father enters guilty plea after hosting underage drinking party
An Upper Darby father who hosted a graduation party where upwards of 300 teenage partygoers were given access to alcohol was put on probation Thursday after entering an open guilty plea to one count of furnishing alcohol to a minor, a misdemeanor of the third degree.
Delaware June 2017 Firefly festival keeps alcohol enforcement agents busy
Like bees to honey, Firefly Music Festival attendees often darted in and out of liquor stores as the nearby entertainment cranked up over the past couple days.  In what's become an annual Firefly tradition, state alcohol and tobacco enforcement agents stayed busy issuing citations for anyone under 21 years old who entered a liquor store, whether they attempted to buy booze or not.
Delaware July 2017 Underage drinking party with 250 attendees broken up after tip
The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement broke up two house parties with underage drinking over the weekend and made several arrests. 
Delaware June 2018 Alcohol enforcement agency using scanning technology to detect fake IDs
The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE) is the first law enforcement agency in Delaware to utilize new technology on smartphones to scan barcodes on driver licenses and other forms of identification to spot altered and fake IDs. DATE agents across the state can now enhance their enforcement capabilities with instant access to essential information through Intellicheck's Law ID.
Florida December 2012 Charlotte deputies arrest father, sons at underage drinking party
Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies arrested a father and his two sons for having a house party in Deep Creek last Friday and serving alcohol to minors.
Florida April 2013 Statewide operation nets 5,000 underage drinkers
The Florida Sheriffs Task Force this week released the results of Operation Dry Spring, an initiative designed to reduce the number of young people in emergencies caused by underage drinking and synthetic drug use.
Florida November 2013 Undercover agents thwart underage drinking at UCF
There were 15 liquor law arrests that occurred during UCF's home game with UConn last month. Even though these arrests can be issued by UCF Police, all of these 15 liquor law arrests were made by undercover agents from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, a state agency that enforces Florida's beverage laws.
Florida April 2016 Underage drinking crash victim wins lawsuit against Applebee's
A jury is awarding a local quadriplegic man, paralyzed after a night of underage drinking, a record $42 million. At the time, police arrested the bartender after selling beer to four teenagers who were involved in the crash, ages 16 to 20. As the boys headed home, they made it less than a mile.
Florida November 2016 Police cracking down at 'World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party'
Police say the Georgia-Florida game is one of the busiest and biggest weekends when it comes to crowd control and underage drinking. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco are making sure people are having fun at the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," but also following the rules.  The Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco is making sure the drinks aren't getting into the wrong hands.  "We know that there is a small percentage of people out here that are underage and possessing alcohol beverages," said Lt. Eugene Baker of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.
Florida February 2017 Local law enforcement preparing for spring break
The time of the year when college students take over Panama City Beach is coming up again. Last year, Bay County started new rules banning the consumption and possession of alcohol on the beach.  Panama City Beach Police say they're planning to enforce those rules again this Spring Break. The county's ordinances not only banned drinking on the beach, but required bars to close no later than 2 a.m.
Florida October 2017 Police cracking down on security, underage drinking at Florida-Georgia
The party was already in full swing near EverBank Field in downtown Jacksonville on the eve of the Florida-Georgia rivalry game. Gator and Bulldog cheerleaders were getting fans pumped up at pep rallies Friday night as tailgaters packed RV City, where many people have been camped since Monday. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was busy monitoring security and watching for any underage drinkers. Tons of officers on foot and on golf carts could be seen around RV City, making sure fans were safe.
Florida March 2018 Alcohol ban, other Spring Break laws take effect in Panama City Beach on March 1
It's March 1, so while college students prepare for Spring Break, law enforcement in Panama City Beach is preparing, too. Today marks the day that Spring Break laws go into effect in the panhandle destination. These are ordinances passed by PCB City Council or Bay County Commission that aim to curb irresponsible or dangerous behavior by the massive influx of party minded young adults.There are nine ordinances that target Spring Breakers this year. The big one, of course, is that absolutely no alcohol is allowed on the beach.
Georgia February 2016 Warner Robins stores on probation for alcohol sales
City Council members voted to put four stores on probation, after an undercover investigation revealed they sold alcohol to people under the age of 21. This comes after an undercover investigation by the State Department of Revenue.
Georgia April 2016 Stores accused of selling alcohol to minors
According to Sgt. Mark Cavender, head of LaGrange Police Department's Special Investigation Unit, the team received several complaints both stores were selling alcohol to minors. Investigators caught employees in both businesses illegally selling alcohol to people under 21. The owners were cited at the scene for the offense and will have to appear in municipal court.
Georgia December 2016 Businesses cited for alcohol sales to minors
Six businesses located in the southern part of the county were cited for selling alcohol to minors this week, the Cherokee County Marshal's Office said Tuesday.  The agency conducted a joint operation with the Department of Revenue's Alcohol and Tobacco Division at 25 of the county's gas stations and restaurants to identify which ones sold alcohol to customers younger than 21.
Georgia June 2018 Savannah police: 13 businesses cited in underage alcohol sting
A two-day operation into underage alcohol sales by Savannah Police's Alcohol Beverage Compliance Unit resulted in 13 businesses being cited. During the operation, which ran June 19-20, two underage subjects visited 19 businesses to determine if they comply with Georgia law in regards to alcohol sales, police spokeswoman Bianca Johnson said. Out of the 19, 13 failed the operation, which was a collaboration with the Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco Division.
Idaho December 2012 Encouraging News on Alcohol Compliance Checks!
As part an ongoing enforcement and education campaign aimed at keeping Boise's young people safe, Boise Police conducted an alcohol sales compliance check throughout the city recently. The goal of these ongoing checks is to educate local merchants and citizens on the dangers of underage drinking. Officers say the results were perhaps the most positive seen over the past seven years.
Idaho January 2013 Do you know when to talk to your kids about the dangers of teen drinking?
Alcohol Compliance Officer Jermaine Galloway knows about the dangers of underage drinking. Based out of the Boise Police Department's substation on the Boise State University campus, he presents to kids, parents, law enforcement officers and community leaders across the country.
Idaho August 2013 Boise Police uncover establishments selling alcohol to minors
Last night Boise Police conducted alcohol compliance checks several locations across the city. Out of the 15 locations checked five sold alcohol to one or both minors.
Idaho September 2013 Boise Police Hand Out Flurry of Citations for Underage Drinking, Urination, Open Containers
Acting on what they said were neighbor complaints, Boise Police handed out 39 underage drinking citations September 14 at several alcohol-fueled parties.
Idaho November 2013 Boise police to parents: Educate yourself now about drugs
Parents who think they don't need to talk to their children about drugs because they believe they'd never use them, or are waiting until their child is well into their teens to have the talk, are making a big mistake, Galloway said.
Idaho March 2014 Fewer Open Container Citations at Boise State Tailgates But Underage Drinking Citations Are Way Up
Tickets for underage drinking are way up: 72 underage alcohol consumption citations were handed out in 2013 during Boise State football game days, compared to 28 citations in 2012, 11 in 2011 and the previous high of 44 in 2010.
Idaho April 2014 Search Warrant Service on E. Lookout Drive
The investigation identified a large party advertised as a "Mansion Bash" planned at a residence rented for the event above Hayden Lake. The promoters of the event anticipated attendance of approximately 300 people. Approximately 15 individuals were cited and released for Minor In Possession of Alcohol.
Idaho April 2014 Underage Alcohol Compliance Check: 32 Citations
In anticipation of prom and graduation season, The Boise Police Department's alcohol enforcement team conducted multiple operations on April 12, collaborating with minors, aged 16 to 18 years old.
Idaho June 2016 Businesses improve at avoiding alcohol sales to minors
During a valleywide alcohol compliance check last Friday, 16 of 18 businesses checked refused to sell alcohol to minors. That's an 88 percent compliance rate-a big jump from the under-50 percent rate that local police found during their first underage alcohol-sales sting in 2010.
Illinois December 2012 FRG may toughen underage drinking ordinance
Village officials in a fight against underage drinking are looking to beef up the town's vague social hosting ordinance.
Illinois December 2012 State: New Underage Liquor Sale Numbers 'Troubling'
The state agency that investigates sales of liquor to minors says it's alarmed by the latest statistics.
Illinois March 2013 State cites 11 businesses for liquor law violations
Eleven area businesses face discipline from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission for violations of state liquor control laws.
Illinois August 2013 Batavia mayor outlines punishment against liquor violators
Of the 34 businesses checked, 13 failed the check. All servers, bartenders and clerks who served the minors while supervised by police officers were issued citations and will appear in Kane County Branch Court.
Illinois December 2013 State liquor agency names three Forest Park bars in underage drinking sting
In partnership with Forest Park police, agents from the Illinois Liquor Control Board visited 12 Forest Park establishments.
Illinois February 2014 State liquor commissioner urges bar-entry age at 21
"Why can't the university put pressure on bar owners to always have 21 as the bar entry age?"
Illinois March 2014 Two St. Charles businesses cited during state compliance check
In all, 49 licensees in February were cited out of 211 businesses visited statewide, the news release states. State liquor control commission agents work with local law enforcement and underage volunteers ages 18 through 20 to complete the compliance checks.
Illinois August 2014 State liquor commission cited 47 violations in July, five in Naperville
Eighty-six percent of the licensees visited complied with Illinois liquor laws and refused to serve underage customers. This report is a result of ongoing undercover and cooperative law enforcement operations conducted by Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) agents, local law enforcement officials and volunteers from high schools and colleges.
Illinois February 2015 Fake it 'til you make it: DePaul fosters culture of fake IDs
According to DePaul Public Safety Director Robert Wachowski, the 2014-15 academic year has already had multiple cases of reckless student conduct attributed to alcohol, as well as an increase in students needing to seek medical help attention for alcohol related injuries.
Illinois March 2016 Lake in the Hills restaurants cited for selling alcohol to underage
Two restaurants in the village failed underage compliance checks conducted by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, the agency said. Bistro Wasabi, 4590 Algonquin Road, and Alfredo's Pizza and Pasta, 4560 Algonquin Road, failed the checks, which are conducted by state and local law enforcement officials and underage participants recruited from area high schools and colleges. The other 13 establishments passed the agency's compliance checks, officials said.
Illinois November 2016 Special report: Bars card hard but violators still slip through
Since the beginning of the year, 403 people have been arrested at Campustown area bars during regular police raids.  More than 300 of the 403 arrests occurred at just four Champaign bars. Champaign police don't advertise when they'll have one of their semi-regular raids. But it's a good bet that the bigger the campus crowd - Dads Weekend, the night before Reading Day - the more likely the chance that one will happen.  "We do anywhere from five to eight a semester," said Sgt. Joe Ketchem, who runs Champaign police's alcohol enforcement unit.
Illinois December 2016 O'Fallon businesses flunk underage alcohol compliance check
Eight businesses in St. Clair County failed an underage alcohol compliance check conducted by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and the O'Fallon Police Department on Dec. 8. Thirty other businesses passed the compliance check by refusing to sell liquor to underage participants being used by the liquor control commission.
Illinois February 2017 Liquor Control Commission and Illinois State Police do underage compliance checks in Jacksonville area
The Illinois Liquor Control Commission and Illinois State Police conducted 29 underage compliance checks in and around the Jacksonville area. The checks happened on January 20th.  During the operation, there were 4 prior violators re-tested for compliance.
Illinois February 2018 UI sent letter about Unofficial to parents this week
An annual letter warning of the upcoming "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day" event arrived in mailboxes of University of Illinois parents this week. The campus sends the letters each year to inform parents of UI students about the annual drinking holiday and urging them to talk to their children about it. The letter emphasizes that Unofficial isn't sanctioned by the UI "but promoted by local bar owners year after year. During this event, scores of young people receive notices to appear in court for alcohol violations and over the years, several participants have been seriously injured or died."
Indiana November 2012 Excise Police Make 100+ Campus Arrests
Indiana State Excise Police officers arrested 36 people on 49 charges at the University of Notre Dame on Saturday. Arrests were made ... One arrest was of a 17-year-old Virginia boy who tested a .14 percent blood alcohol content.
Indiana December 2012 Police combat underage drinking
As tailgating officially ends with the close of the home football season, the Indiana State Excise Police will continue to target underage drinking in South Bend through the Intensified College Enforcement (ICE) program. Excise Police added the University to the program, a product of a federal grand funding additional police presence around college campuses in Indiana, this fall.
Indiana February 2013 Arrests of minors with alcohol up 37 percent
The Indiana State Excise Police released its 2012 annual report. It reveals the success of a new program as well as continuing concerns about minors and alcohol.
Indiana March 2013 Indianapolis: Excise Police Cite Bar After 80 Minors Found Inside
A northwest Indianapolis bar was cited early this morning after police found 80 minors - some as young as 13 years old - inside the bar.
Indiana March 2013 Underage drinking arrests steady
While a recently released report by the Indiana Excise Police shows alcohol-related car crashes among teens are up and arrests related to underage drinking are down.
Indiana August 2013 Police finding more fake ID's, higher alcohol concentration levels
In one night, excise police nabbed 63 people on alcohol charges, almost two dozen more than in a similar patrol recently at Ball State. Officers said about 1 in 5 had false ID's.
Indiana November 2013 18 arrested for underage drinking at Bloomington restaurant
The restaurant owners face violations of furnishing alcohol to minors, unlicensed employees and failing to maintain records of employee permits.
Indiana January 2015 Excise Officers Arrest And Cite 23 People
Indiana State Excise Police officers arrested or cited 23 people late Friday night and early Saturday during patrols near Indiana University.
Indiana June 2016 Excise Officers cite 188 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway over the weekend
Indiana State Excise Police Officers arrested or cited 130 minors, 38 adults, and 20 juveniles on 263 charges while working enforcement patrols Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Excise officers issued 139 summonses for illegal possession or consumption of an alcoholic beverage. Eight people were also incarcerated for various offenses. Other charges included possession of false identification, resisting law enforcement, furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor, sale of alcoholic beverages without a permit, and drug related charges.
Indiana June 2016 Two Zionsville underage drinking parties busted Friday
For the second time in 24 hours, police in Zionsville have busted an underage drinking party. We will continue to be aggressive in fighting these underage drinking parties, Boone County Sheriff Michael Nielsen said. "We will make sure that the juveniles and anyone under the age of 21 are held accountable as well any adult that is furnishing the alcohol. I have seen the aftermath of these parties turn into tragedies many times over the course of my career."
Indiana August 2016 IU targets Greek system in fight against underage drinking
Indiana University is targeting its Greek system as it goes after illegal alcohol and drug use. This year fraternities and sororities will have to sign contracts allowing police to search their houses as well as the rooms of individuals.
Indiana December 2016 Police arrest 15 during underage drinking party in Hancock County
Police in Hancock County busted up an underage drinking party over the weekend, arresting 15 people.  Thirteen of them were under the age of 18 while two were over 18 and charged as adults. Saturday's bust was the largest in 2016 involving Hancock County's Underage Drinking Task Force, a group formed in 2013 to combat underage drinking and educate teens about the dangers of alcohol.
Indiana April 2017 177 arrest summonses issued for 62 Bloomington minors in connection with fake IDs, underage drinking
Dozens of arrest summonses were issued for Bloomington teens in connection with a large number of fake IDs and underage drinking in the city. Excise officers issued 177 warrants for 62 teens on Friday. Most of the warrants were because the minors used fake identification to attempt to gain entry into the Bluebird Nightclub over the past three weekends. Police said minors are purchasing fake identifications on the internet from overseas manufacturers. Those ID’s often have the juvenile’s real name and photograph, but incorrect birthdate.
Indiana April 2017 Excise police cite or arrest 151 people at Little 500
Indiana State Excise Police officers arrested or cited 151 people on 316 charges in Bloomington during Little 500 festivities, a weekend of bicycle races known for student partying. The officers cited or arrested 114 minors, 36 adults and one juvenile. The most common charges were for fake IDs and underage drinking, police said. Other charges included drug violations, resisting arrest and providing alcohol to minor.
Indiana May 2017 Police arrest or cite nearly 200 people in Speedway during Indy 500 weekend
Excise officers with Indiana State Police arrested or cited nearly 200 people over the weekend in Speedway
Indiana September 2017 Excise police cite 129 in diesel fest patrols
Indiana State Excise Police reported dozens of arrest during this weekend's Scheid Diesel Extravaganza in Terre Haute, but state troopers say they had their quietest year yet. Excise officers, the law enforcement arm of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, cited or arrested 129 people on 152 charges, according to a news release from Cpl. Heather Lynch. More than 50 charges were for under-age possession of alcohol and nine were for furnishing alcohol to minors while 10 charges were drug related and two involved drunken driving.
Indiana February 2018 Fake IDs continue to cause real problems in Bloomington
Stacks of fake IDs sit in the back of bars and clubs around town. Bouncers sometimes try to give them to the Bloomington Police Department, but officers won't take them. They don't have the room. Though fake IDs plague many college campuses and nightlife around Bloomington, police said there's something worse: individuals using legitimate IDs that aren't theirs. Numerous studies found fake ID-use has grown over the years, though the exact numbers are difficult to pin down.
Iowa March 2013 Training to prevent underage alcohol sales shows results
A spokesperson for the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (ABD) says a one year review of their new on-line training course has shown good results in cutting the number of violations for alcohol sales to minors.
Iowa August 2016 Sioux City police add 'party patrols' to curb underage drinking
The Sioux City Police Department is teaming up with Jackson Recovery Centers to target underage drinking during the 2016-2017 school year. The department will add additional patrols during select nights throughout the year to respond to complaints of loud parties or underage drinking parties. Officers will have a "zero tolerance policy" for underage drinking, officials said.
Iowa March 2018 Dubuque PD cite nearly 60 people for underage drinking over the weekend
The Dubuque Police Department cited nearly 60 people for underage drinking last weekend, and it all stems from only two separate busts. Lieutenant Joe Messerich says it's very unusual for two big busts to happen so close together. The first was early Friday morning at a bar and dance club called Gin Rickeys. Messerich says a call tipped officers that underage drinkers were in the bar. ID checks resulted in officers citing 26 people for being in a bar under the age of 21 past 9 pm. Messerich says a majority were also cited for possession of alcohol under the legal age.
Kansas November 2012 Stings conducted on businesses selling alcohol to minor
8 and 10, agents from these departments visited businesses and social gatherings specifically to monitor and issue citations to minors in possession of alcohol, as well as issue citations to people and businesses enabling this behavior.
Kansas December 2012 Editorial: Stem the flow of underage drinking
Underage drinking - it sometimes seems like the stuff of many people's "good old days" lore - but it isn't harmless fun or a joking matter. It's a serious problem that in the worst of circumstances can lead to deaths and lives changed in an instant.
Kansas June 2013 Citations issued for allegedly furnishing alcohol to minors
The Garden City Police Department, in cooperation with the Kansas Division of Alcohol Beverage Control, conducted compliance checks on local liquor and cereal malt beverage retail stores. Eighteen individuals were cited and released on allegations of furnishing alcohol to minors.
Kansas October 2013 Citations issued following ABC sting
Three Miami County liquor licensees have been cited by the Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control agency for selling liquor to underage people.
Kansas April 2016 Local sting: Message must be received on alcohol sales to minors
The citations were the result of a Garden City Police Department initiative alongside state Alcohol Beverage Control. The recent compliance check on businesses throughout the Garden City area was a way to raise awareness of the seriousness of furnishing alcohol to minors.
Kentucky October 2013 Alcoholic Beverage Control Tracks Tailgating
This fall, undercover state investigators are crashing tailgate parties at the state's universities. Since the end of August, the enforcement effort overall has resulted in more than 150 citations for alcohol-related offenses.
Kentucky April 2014 As prom approaches, officials crack down on underage drinking
Law enforcement officials are cracking down on underage drinking. In recent weeks, Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control officers cited several people in Pike County on related charges.
Louisiana August 2016 200 underage alcohol sales violations issued in 1 year in Jefferson Parish
A large bust across Jefferson Parish reveals a large number of people were in the business of selling alcohol to minors. From Aug. 31, 2015 to June 30, 2016, Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies popped 174 businesses across the parish for selling alcohol to minors.
Louisiana August 2016 More than 60 Metairie businesses have liquor licenses suspended after underage drinking sting
The Jefferson Parish Council voted Wednesday to impose a one-week suspension on liquor licenses at more than 60 businesses caught selling alcohol to minors in a recent undercover sting operation carried out by the Sheriff's Office.
Louisiana August 2016 More than 60 Metairie businesses have liquor licenses suspended after underage drinking sting
The Jefferson Parish Council voted Wednesday to impose a one-week suspension on liquor licenses at more than 60 businesses caught selling alcohol to minors in a recent undercover sting operation carried out by the Sheriff's Office.
Louisiana November 2016 Boot Bar and Grill undergoes safety checks
The Boot Bar and Grill, a New Orleans bar frequented by Tulane students, is subject to recent compliance checks by local law enforcement to ensure the safety of student patrons.  The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control enforces this process to ensure that businesses with liquor licenses are operating according to state law. Compliance checks usually take place when complaints are filed against bars and other alcohol-serving facilities.
Louisiana July 2017 Liquor license suspended at Tigerland bar after undercover sting operation
The liquor license has been suspended for a Tigerland bar that was the focus of a recent undercover sting operation, according to documents from Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
Louisiana September 2017 20 years before Maxwell Gruver, LSU lost another fraternity student in drinking incident; What's changed?
Twenty years ago, LSU was reeling from the death of Benjamin Wynne, a 20-year-old student who celebrated his acceptance into Sigma Alpha Epsilon by drinking more than two dozen alcoholic beverages, including a deadly concoction of Jagermeister, Crown Royal and 151-proof rum. Last week, Maxwell Gruver, an 18-year-old pledge for Phi Delta Theta, died in what school officials say is being investigated as a possible hazing incident. Law enforcement officials are still conducting interviews, but a preliminary autopsy report found high levels of alcohol in Gruver's system.
Louisiana February 2018 Fighting, underage drinking among Mardi Gras problems
Fighting and underage drinking were some of the problems local police faced as Mardi Gras wrapped up, but they say the experience was fairly smooth overall. Lafourche sheriff's Lt. Brennan Matherne said deputies issued 19 summonses for underage drinking during parades Friday through Tuesday. They also arrested one person for underage drinking and resisting an officer and another for fighting and resisting an officer. Matherne said the Sheriff's Office targeted underage drinking this year as part of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.
Louisiana June 2018 Operation "Save Our Children" nets nearly 50 arrests in Shreveport
With the summer months here it's a time when alcohol sales increase. But even though there are strict laws against it, those not old enough to legally consume alcohol are still known to push their luck and there are certain businesses still wanting to cash in. In order to make sure these Shreveport businesses are adhering to the law, the Shreveport Police Department came up with Operation "Save the Children." It was a collaboration between the Police Department's Vice Unit and the Shreveport Youth Bureau.
Maine December 2012 Waterville teen accused of hosting underage drinking party, police say
A Waterville woman was arrested early Saturday after a loud party involving underage drinking was broken up, police said.
Maine January 2013 Local law enforcement agencies issue 276 underage alcohol-related violations
Local efforts have corresponded with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's focus on cracking down on underage drinking and the Underage Drinking, Adult Consequences campaign.
Maine October 2013 Police cite 22 Portland businesses for underage alcohol sales
The high failure rate among 80 businesses is found during compliance checks timed for the early part of the college year.
Maine August 2014 Portland campaign against underage drinking targets sellers, youth, parents
A coalition dedicated to combating underage and high-risk drinking hopes information distribution and a series of training sessions for servers, sellers and law enforcement will reduce youth access to alcohol
Maine February 2016 Alcohol harder to come by for minors in the county
While there is still work to be done in bars and restaurants, alcohol sales to minors in businesses like grocery stores have decreased after 173 inspections in the last calendar year. The next item on the agenda for the Sheriffs Department is lowering the number of bars and restaurants selling liquor to minors. Sheriff Crandall says 22% of them failed the check ups in the last calendar year, which is too high of a number.
Maine March 2017 More than 20 Colby College students summoned on underage drinking charge
More than 20 Colby College students were summoned Thursday night on charges of underage drinking and using fake identification, police said. Police Chief Joseph Massey said the department received a call about 11:30 p.m. from the Silver Street Tavern, where the staff believed that underage people were drinking there. The Colby students were at the Midnight Blues club beneath the tavern. Massey said police arrived shortly thereafter and found the bar already had confiscated a number of fake forms of identification. At least 22 Colby students were issued summonses, and some were issued summonses for both underage drinking and possession of a fake ID.
Maine February 2018 Large keg party busted in Penobscot
Hancock County Sheriff's deputies and the Maine State Police busted a large keg party at 536 Dunbar Road in Penobscot Thursday night. The officers had been conducting a Hancock County Alcohol Enforcement Team detail in western Hancock County when they learned of the gathering. Police arrested three youths and summoned two dozen others. "It's this type of high-risk behavior our alcohol enforcement team was designed to identify and address or, at the very least, deter before what starts out as a night of fun ends in mourning," said Lt. Chris Thornton, who heads the team.
Maryland December 2012 Liquor board orders Hagerstown pub closed for 15 days for selling alcohol to minor
Suspension of West End Pub's liquor license won't take effect until after holidays
Maryland July 2013 Bethesda Parents Allowed Underage Drinking
Police are witnessing a disturbing trend in Montgomery County; Parents allowing their teenage son and his underage friends to drink alcohol in their homes.
Maryland July 2013 St. Mary's liquor board hears guidelines for underage-sale violations
St. Mary's liquor board members have received some suggestions on how to penalize alcohol outlets caught making sales to underage customers during police sting operations.
Maryland October 2013 College drinking spikes among first-semester freshmen
There's a spike in alcohol usage for first-semester freshmen that generally tapers off throughout the rest of the student's college career, according to Aaron White, program director of NIAAA's College and Underage Drinking Prevention Research.
Maryland December 2013 Police cite five Howard Co. liquor stores for selling to underage customers
Police said periodic tests are part of an ongoing effort to combat underage drinking in Howard County. Police said they plan to continue to conduct these and other operations during the holidays.
Maryland December 2013 Ten Baltimore Establishments Fined By Liquor Board for Underage Sales
Ten Baltimore-area establishments have been cited by the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for serving or selling alcoholic beverages to underage Baltimore Police Cadets during a sting operation.
Maryland February 2014 Thirteen Harford businesses fail alcohol compliance test
More than a dozen Harford County businesses were willing to serve alcohol to an underage customer, with all but one of those who failed not even bothering to ask for proof of age, during a compliance test last week.
Maryland March 2014 Five Route 40 businesses fined $1,000 each for selling alcohol to minors
"Our biggest problem with minors is parents that bring their kids in and want us to serve them," Melocik said.
Maryland March 2014 Liquor businesses learn how to spot underage drinkers
Bar, restaurant and liquor store owners from the York Road corridor gathered before their establishments opened for business Wednesday morning to learn how to better combat a late-night scourge in the area - fake IDs and underage drinking.
Maryland April 2014 More than 90 percent of Harford businesses pass new liquor compliance test
Harford County liquor inspectors report 94 percent of 34 businesses that were checked as part of a March 22 sting operation refused to serve an underage criminal justice student from Harford Community College.
Maryland May 2014 Howard County Liquor Board temporarily suspends licenses at two stores
Howard County police conducted a test of liquor stores throughout the county that resulted in five businesses being cited for selling alcohol to underage customers.
Maryland May 2014 Liquor license suspended for underage sale
According to Frederick police, who conducted a series of liquor compliance checks in early January, a 20-year-old man worked undercover to buy a six-pack of Twisted Tea and cigarettes from Willow Tree Liquors.
Maryland August 2014 Two businesses get probation for selling alcohol to minors
The board voted to fine the business $400 and place the license on probation for six months. If the probation is violated, a 30-day suspension will be imposed. The store also had a violation for selling to a minor during a police compliance check in June 2011.
Maryland November 2014 Fake IDs pose identity theft and security risks
"I make sure that everyone gets charged. We have zero tolerance because it's not just this little thing where it's a rite of passage to drink, there's a lot of other things that can come of it," Detective Mark Baxter said.
Maryland December 2014 Five businesses fined for underage alcohol sales
Five businesses were found last Thursday to be in violation of their licenses for selling alcohol to underage customers by the St. Mary's County Alcohol Beverage Board.
Maryland January 2015 Liquor board shuts down Charles Village restaurant for 6 weeks for serving minors
Maxie's Pizza Bar & Grille in Charles Village will close for six weeks and pay $8,000 in fines for serving alcohol to minors on two separate nights last fall.
Maryland January 2015 Liquor board shuts down Craig's, a popular Loyola college bar, after marathon hearing
The city's liquor board on Thursday voted to shut down Craig's, the popular college bar frequented by Loyola and Towson University students, after finding it was a threat to public safety and was serving minors.
Maryland January 2015 Two Calvert establishments reprimanded for selling alcohol to teenagers
For its first violation of any kind, Mimi's was mandated to pay a fine of $500. Port of Call Liquors has previously been reprimanded for selling to an underage person and, therefore, received a penalty of a $1,000 fine and a possible five-day suspension.
Maryland February 2015 Harford Liquor Board issues $4,750 in fines for serving a minor
Nearly $5,000 in fines were assessed Wednesday against Harford businesses that sold alcoholic beverages to an underage police cadet during a compliance test a few days before Christmas.
Maryland February 2016 Four Talbot County businesses found in violation of liquor laws
At its Monday, Feb. 8, meeting, the Talbot County Liquor Board found four businesses guilty of violating liquor laws - one facing its third violation in under two years.
Maryland March 2016 Bill enforcing harsher punishments for parents providing alcohol to minors passes in Maryland
Parents who provide alcohol to minors could now possibly see the inside of a jail cell after the Maryland Senate passed Bill 564 unanimously, 46-0. The bill called for increased maximum fines for first-time offenders who host and provide alcohol at underage drinking parties. Under the legislation, the maximum fine would increase from $2,500 to $5,000. The bill is nicknamed Alex and Calvin's Law, honoring teenagers Alex Murk and Calvin Li who were killed in a car crash after leaving a party where alcohol was served under a parent's supervision. The bill has not yet been voted on in Maryland's House of Delegates.
Maryland March 2016 Police bust underage drinking party in $3.5 million mansion
Another Montgomery County parent has been charged in connection with hosting an underage drinking party. This bust comes as Montgomery County Police continue to crack down on underage drinking, due largely in part to a number of recent drunk driving crashes that have resulted in death.
Maryland July 2016 Md. court: Adults can be held liable for underage drinking
The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that people who give alcohol to minors can be held liable to third parties. It's called "social host responsibility." The court wrote, "The adult increases the risk of harm to others, because of the underage person's improper conduct of driving while under the influence of alcohol." The court also ruled that an adult can be found negligent if an underage person injures him- or herself while drinking.
Maryland July 2016 Police: man died at underage drinking party
Police said Diego Padilla of Gaithersburg was at an underage drinking party when he was found early Sunday unresponsive in a swimming pool. Police said they observed several extremely intoxicated people at the party, and charged 10 adults between the ages of 18 to 20 with underage possession of alcohol. A juvenile was also charged.
Maryland December 2017 What's the biggest hurdle to fighting underage drinking?
In addition to other questions on Navid Sepehri, WUSA9 also asked Montgomery County Police about underage drinking and what more parents can do to try and prevent it. It's not a new issue, nor is it new in Montgomery County. Two years ago, two college-bound teens from Wootten High School were killed after their friend, who was driving drunk, crashed. WUSA9 also reported the success of those two victims' fathers. They petitioned for and helped get Alex and Calvin's Law, which provides stricter punishment, even possible jail time, if adults are caught providing alcohol to someone underage. If a minor is caught purchasing, Starks said they can also face trouble and possible have their licenses impacted, even if their vehicle is not involved.
Massachusetts January 2013 Officials taking harder look at liquor violations
Officials in several south suburbs are cracking down on bars that serve underage patrons or overserve others.
Massachusetts March 2013 Massachusetts underage drinking law anything but clear
The section of Massachusetts General Law that pertains to underage drinking seems designed to disconcert attorneys, justices and prosecutors, not to mention the public.
Massachusetts December 2013 Bridgewater police to conduct alcohol stings at local bars, liquor stores
Police Chief Christopher Delmonte said plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle will patrol for underage purchases of alcohol and illegal possession and transportation of alcohol. Police will also send minors into businesses to attempt to buy liquor.
Massachusetts January 2014 31 Hanover teens arrested at drinking party
Police arrested 31 teenagers, ages 14-19, for being at an underage drinking party Friday night. All were charged with being minors in possession of alcohol. A 17-year-old male, the son of the property owner, was charged with a violation of the state's social host law.
Massachusetts February 2016 10 South Shore towns, cities get state grants to combat underage drinking
Underage decoys were sent into 217 licensed grocery and liquor stores; alcohol was purchased at 83 of the 217 businesses, 10 of which were on Staten Island. Fifteen stores in the Bronx, 10 in Brooklyn, 26 in Manhattan, 18 in Queens and four on Long Island also sold alcohol to the decoys.
Massachusetts April 2016 Panda East allegedly violated Amherst liquor laws 2 more times, coming before Select Board next week
In January, the board suspended the restaurant license for seven days, five of which were held in abeyance for two years, provided no further violations occur. The restaurant violated liquor laws when it served alcohol to 17 minors in November. Police last month investigated a complaint the restaurant served alcohol to a 17-year-old.
Massachusetts April 2016 Wayland businesses react to liquor license violations
One liquor store employee who was at fault for selling alcohol to a minor was terminated immediately by the store owner. The management of the bar has retrained all of the staff on alcohol law and policy. In recent weeks, both businesses have tightened up their ID policies and have also instituted internal compliance checks with zero tolerance policies.
Massachusetts June 2016 Sandwich police work with ABCC to tackle underage drinking
Sandwich police teamed up with the state Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) to tackle underage drinking this past week. During the operation, officers targeted local package stores, looking for minors attempting to procure alcohol and clerks and bartenders serving underage customers. During the operation, several charges were issued for minor in possession of alcohol, procuring alcohol for a minor and false license/identification.
Massachusetts July 2016 Three businesses punished for selling liquor to youths
Three local businesses are dealing with various degrees of license suspensions following hearings with the Liquor Licensing Commission, after getting caught selling alcohol to minors during a June police sting. Fast Freddies/ Mobile-on-the-Run faces the longest suspension, 30 days, and the severity of the penalty is the result of the business being caught selling to a person under the age of 21 three times since March 2015. According to Commission Chairman Michael Gilbert, the last time the store appeared before them, it had been in violation twice in a year. Its license to sell alcohol was suspended for a total of 16 days at that time, 13 days imposed by the town and another three from the state Alcohol Beverage Control Commission. The ABCC's sentence came after the agency's own inspectors caught the businesses in a sting.
Massachusetts September 2016 State Rep candidate John Fresolo's bar 'Rocky's' facing 13 counts of serving alcohol to minors
Rocky's Food and Spirits in Worcester is currently facing 13 counts of possession of alcohol by minors, and is due for a hearing with the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission on Dec. 7. Ralph Sacramone, executive director of the ABCC, said the agency discovered the violations during regular enforcement of liquor license compliance. The agency happened to be in Worcester on the night of July 14 and discovered 13 counts of minors possessing alcohol in Fresolo's bar.
Massachusetts November 2016 15 minors were allegedly sold alcohol at a Springfield bar
A bar on Main Street in Springfield has been charged with serving alcohol to minors, last Thursday night, after an investigation by the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.  "Bars and restaurants have an obligation serve their patrons responsibly and ensure they are selling to only those who are old enough to purchase alcohol," said Treasurer Goldberg. "We will continue our monitoring and enforcement actions across the state, because we know this kind of action can save lives and prevent tragedies before they happen."
Massachusetts November 2016 Tewksbury, Massachusetts teen dead after being assaulted at underage drinking party
A 15-year-old Tewksbury, Massachusetts boy is dead after an 18-year old from the same town allegedly assaulted him at an underage drinking party Friday around midnight.
Massachusetts December 2016 Burlington Police announce results of latest alcohol compliance checks
Chief Michael Kent is pleased to announce that the Burlington Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks at 39 licensed establishments this week and all businesses passed. Following guidelines established by the Alcohol Beverages Control Commission, Burlington Police used two underage buyers to enter establishments and attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. 
Massachusetts February 2017 Quincy bar charged with selling alcohol to minors
A bar in Quincy faces allegations that they sold alcohol to minors, mainly local college students. The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission announced Thursday that Revel will be summoned for a hearing in front of the commission. Thursday night at about 11:30 p.m., ABCC investigators at Revel allegedly found 14 minors in possession of alcohol. The enforcement was part of the ABCC efforts to prevent underage drinking, the commission said.
Massachusetts March 2017 Store sold alcohol to more than 100 minors over St. Patrick's Day weekend, investigators allege
A Back Bay liquor store is at risk of losing its license after state officials found more than 100 minors in possession or attempting to purchase alcohol from the business over St. Patrick's Day weekend. Investigators with the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission were stationed at Quality Mart, in Boston, over the weekend, where they found "122 minors in possession, transporting or attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages and 112 individuals in possession of false identification."
Massachusetts September 2017 BUPD, Boston Police resume enhanced alcohol enforcement today
In as reliable a fall ritual as football and crisp air, starting today the Boston University Police Department will again team up with the Boston Police Department for enhanced alcohol enforcement patrols. The patrols are an effort to avert hospital visits by acutely intoxicated students, curtail illegal drinking, and hit the mute button on boisterous parties.
Massachusetts September 2017 Police break up MIT frat party with waterfall along stairs
An MIT fraternity house party was broken up by Boston police on Sunday night after detectives found underage drinking, unsafe conditions including overcrowding, and water pouring down a flight of stairs, officials said.Members of the Boston Police Licensed Premises Unit near the fraternity house saw "a line of approximately 40 college-aged persons awaiting entry" and initiated the inspection. "Students should be advised that my officers are out there checking and making sure they do the right thing and the safe thing," Boston police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement.
Massachusetts October 2017 Operation Safe Campus targeting underage drinking
Operation Safe Campus begins each year when college students throughout the Commonwealth return from summer break. Operation Safe Campus is run by Massachusetts State Treasurer and Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, to help control underage drinking on college campuses due to minors purchasing it with false identification or adults purchasing it for them. Massachusetts State Treasurer, Deb Goldberg says that increased enforcement saves lives and prevents tragedies before they can happen. In 2016 the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission found 1,027 minors in possession or transporting alcoholic beverages and over 200 adults purchasing alcohol for minors.
Massachusetts February 2018 Politics and the City: Police ramp up fight on underage drinking
It's been a rather busy past couple of months for the Worcester Police Department's Alcohol Enforcement Unit. Since the beginning of this year, the unit has brought before the License Commission the owners/representatives of more than 24 alcohol-selling establishments that were found to have violated the city's liquor-license rules. Most of the violations have had to do with the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors, and the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors.
Massachusetts March 2018 2 Lowell clubs slapped with 1-day penalties
Revolution, formerly the troubled Mill City Ballroom, and Bar 74 Lounge & Grill -- the spot beneath the Merrimack Street nightclub -- will have their entertainment licenses suspended for a day next month. The License Commission on Thursday suspended LD Holdings LLC's license for April 12 because of entertainment violations stemming from Jan. 14, when live entertainment and disc jockey entertainment kept going after 1:30 a.m. at Revolution and Bar 74, both owned by Lauren DiSalvo. The suspension was not punishment for the Feb. 2 incident when a joint Alcohol and Beverage Control Commission and Lowell Police Department sting found 22 underage patrons being served alcohol at Revolution. The ABCC will hold a hearing on April 3 at 2 p.m. to review the violations and could suspend, modify, revoke, or cancel the bar's liquor license.
Michigan March 2013 Walker may pull liquor license from Standale bar that featured latex body-paint dancers
Municipal leaders in Walker are expected to decide the fate of a Standale bar and restaurant's liquor license after police have expressed concerns about underage drinking, illegal gambling, fights, and topless dancing.
Michigan November 2017 Silver Beach Hotel loses liquor license for 19 days
Multiple infractions for selling or furnishing alcohol to underage drinkers and allowing a fight on the premises has resulted in a license suspension for the Silver Beach Hotel in St. Joseph. According to reports from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission conducted a hearing last week in Southfield, at which time the Commission ordered the suspension of the liquor license and permits held by ASJJ Hotel Properties, Inc - doing business as Silver Beach Hotel. Under state law the Liquor Control Commission is required to impose a suspension or revocation of the liquor license if a licensee is found liable for three violations on different occasions within a 24-month period. For ASJJ Hotel Properties, four violations occurred within a nine month span.
Michigan February 2018 State suspends Detroit liquor store for sales to minors
A liquor store in the city has had its license suspended for repeatedly selling alcohol to minors, according to state officials. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission last week ordered the suspension of the liquor license and permits held by Three Sons Enterprises, the business name of Von's Express Liquor at 5740 Grand River on Detroit's west side. According to the liquor commission, store employees sold or furnished alcohol to minors 10 times since the business opened in 1996. In the most recent violations, alcohol was sold or furnished to 20-year-olds four times since July 13, 2016.
Michigan April 2018 Detroit liquor store suspended for selling to underage customers
A Detroit party store has had its liquor license suspended for 21 days after several violations within a 13-month period, according to the state Licensing and Regulatory Affairs agency. At a hearing last Thursday, April 19, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission ordered the suspension of liquor license and permits held by Daniela, Inc., doing business at Lahser 8 Party Store, at 20528 Lahser Road in Detroit.
Michigan April 2018 How East Lansing Police enforce MIP, fake ID laws and more
East Lansing Police Department has no set protocol for how and when liquor laws are enforced - instead it is up to the officer. Any patron at an East Lansing liquor establishment can expect random police checks to ensure public safety. This includes the possibility of a police officer asking any bar patron to provide identification in an attempt to deter under-age drinkers from frequenting liquor establishments, according to ELPD.
Michigan May 2018 Downtown Detroit bar's liquor license revoked after selling to minors
A Detroit bar is banned from selling liquor after being cited by state inspectors for serving underage patrons. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has revoked the license for 125 Michigan Ave. LLC, which conducts business as "Garden Pub" and operated St. Brigid's Bathtub Pub at 129 Michigan Ave. The bar near Lafayette and American Coney Islands sold alcohol to minors on three separate occasions, according to a news release from the state.
Michigan May 2018 Liquor license suspended after multiple sales to teens at Kensington BP gas station
After selling alcohol to minors three times in less than two years, a local gas station has had its liquor license suspended, state officials announced Friday. The Kensington BP, in New Hudson, will not have alcohol for sale for 102 days, from May 25 through Sept. 3. David Harns, spokesperson for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, said that time period includes three holiday weekends, carefully chosen to send a message. "We wanted to make sure they have time to put a good corrective action plan in to place and make sure this never happens again," he said.
Minnesota July 2013 Alcohol in Rice County
One of the key components of alcohol and drug use prevention is preventing teen access to alcohol. In Rice County, one aspect of our prevention work is making sure that people who serve or sell alcohol do so in a legal and responsible way, including not selling to youth.
Minnesota November 2016 University of Minnesota Police see surge in fake ID cases
While many underage students attempt to buy alcohol from liquor stores or bars using fake IDs every year, the University has seen a surge in the number of cases involving fake IDs. Since the end of July, the University of Minnesota Police Department has investigated 17 fake ID cases. In 2014, it reported three cases and one in 2012. There were no UMPD reports of fake ID cases in 2015 or 2013.
Minnesota January 2017 Mankato bars, law enforcement combat underage drinking
Downtown Mankato, Minnesota on a weekend night can be packed with college students, even in the dead of winter. But here, the bars and local law enforcement insist they are working in tandem to keep underage drinkers out. Terry Kelley, of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, came to Mankato at the start of the second semester to highlight efforts to stop young bar-goers at the door, before they can buy a drink.
Minnesota May 2018 After city investigation, Sally's Saloon stops after-midnight drink deals
Sally's Saloon, a popular watering hole within a drunkard's walk of University of Minnesota student housing, has agreed to change its practices after multiple incidents involving fake IDs, underage drinkers, and public drunkenness. The city of Minneapolis determined that Sally's had insufficient protections against under-21 customers sneaking past its lax security, according to a March 29 settlement signed by the After Midnight Group, the ownership team behind Sally's. In light of those findings, Sally's has agreed to purchase technology to scan the ID cards of every customer who crosses its doorstep on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Sally's also has to stop offering discounted drinks from midnight to 2 a.m. bar close.
Mississippi April 2013 Prom party leads to busts
Pearl River County Sheriff's Department Chief Investigator Donnie Saucier said the department and Alcohol Beverage Control for Mississippi received tips from community members from April 3 to April 6, alleging that text messages had been sent out advertising a party scheduled to take place after Poplarville High School's prom.
Mississippi November 2013 2 charged with hosting underage drinking party in Philadelphia
Authorities say the search of the residence also discovered equipment used to manufacture fake Mississippi driver's licenses.
Mississippi July 2016 AG's Office Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Division says Tupelo businesses sold alcohol to minors
The Mississippi Attorney General's Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Division in conjunction with the Tupelo Police Department recently conducted alcohol and beer compliance checks in Tupelo resulting in the issuance of five citations for selling alcohol to minors, Attorney General Jim Hood announced today. "As both Attorney General and the father of three, I strongly believe we all have a vested interest in the fight against underage drinking," Attorney General Hood said. "The time to address underage drinking is before it comes into court as an alcohol-fueled assault or a car crash that takes the life of a loved one."
Mississippi October 2016 ABC issues citations, makes arrests after complaints of underage drinking at Club Eclipse
Alcoholic Beverage Control agents made several arrests and issued citations over the weekend after they received complaints about underage drinking at a Jackson club.
Mississippi November 2016 OPD combats alcohol abuse and underage drinking
So far this semester, there have been 18 cases of fake IDs and 33 counts of minors in possession of alcohol reported from the University Police Department and Oxford Police Department.  "I feel like it's a college epidemic," OPD Major Jeff McCutchen said. "There are many lives that get hurt throughout a semester, throughout a whole school year, and a lot of it comes back to the alcohol issue."
Mississippi December 2016 App helping law enforcement verify IDs
There's a new tool to bust underage drinkers in Mississippi. We've all seen how easy a bar code reader is to use on a smart phone. Similar technology is the latest tool available to law enforcement officers.  "The scanning is almost instantaneous. Within 10 seconds normally, the officer would know whether that ID is valid or not," said Rusty Hanna, Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control's chief of enforcement.
Mississippi December 2016 Oxford's Rowdy Rebs loses alcohol permit for a week, says it's closed for finals
The Mississippi Department of Revenue Alcohol Beverage Control recently suspended the popular night spot Rowdy Rebs' ability to serve alcohol for a week.  ABC Enforcement did not return calls Monday as to why the permit was suspended, but generally when ABC suspends a license it's due to underage drinking infractions.
Mississippi October 2017 Preventing underage drinking
Cracking down on underage drinking is a full time job for law enforcement. Their goal is to cut down the number of underage fatalities. Mississippi's Alcohol Beverage Control agents do annual training with servers and businesses, showing them how to spot minors trying buy alcohol and the consequences if they serve someone underage.
Mississippi December 2017 Deadly consequences: Mississippi colleges warn of dangers of underage drinking
Through Freedom of Information Act requests, the Hattiesburg American obtained details and statistics on underage drinking incidents from the University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Pearl River Community College, Jones County Junior College and William Carey University. The paper solicited 10 years of statistics from each school.
Missouri December 2016 Underage drinking bust leads to code violations in Springfield warehouse
A Missouri State University Fraternity party turned out to be more than just a problem of underage drinking. The building, on east Olive Street, hasn't been properly inspected in over a decade. Using grant money to crack down on underage drinking in Springfield, police found that the building in the 1400 block of east Olive Street isn't up to code. Another deadly situation, like the warehouse fire in Oakland could have happened.
Montana March 2018 Underage drinking case leads to Montana Supreme Court hearing on limits of police investigations
The Montana Supreme Court will soon rule on whether a former University of Montana student's rights were violated by officers who cited her for underage drinking. Marcy Kroschel was ticketed for minor in possession of alcohol while attending a UM football game. But her lawyer argues that the officers went beyond what the law allowed when they stopped Kroschel and - without reading her rights - continued to interrogate her for the information that was used to incriminate her in the case.
National December 2012 More Than One In 10 Teen Drivers Report Driving Under The Influence On New Year's Eve
With approximately 13 million licensed teenage drivers in the U.S., it's disturbing that more than one in ten (12 percent) report driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on New Year's Eve.
National January 2013 New SAMHSA Report Yields Mixed Results Regarding Underage Drinking
In its 2012 Report to Congress on the Prevention and Reduction of Underage Drinking, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states that "meaningful reductions in underage drinking" transpired from 2004 to 2010, with young people, ages 12 to 20, engaging in both less binge drinking and overall alcohol use.
National April 2016 Police chief asks parents to face the realities of teen drinking
"This Alcohol Responsibility Month, on behalf of my fellow law enforcement officers nationwide, I am asking parents to do three things: talk with your teens about alcohol, reinforce the law, and remember that you are the leading influence in a child's decision to drink - or not drink - alcohol. Never forget the scene at the end of the night from where I stand." says Chief Steven Casstevens, from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
National November 2016 No kegs, no liquor: College crackdown targets drinking and sexual assault
Drinking games with red Solo cups of beer, "pregaming" with Fireball shots, swigging 190-proof grain alcohol punch on the way to blacking out: It's party time at college campuses across the country, even when there is no football game. But this year, dozens of universities are taking new measures to kill the party mood, increasingly worried about student safety and the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault complaints.
National April 2017 MADD, Nationwide & NABCA release 5 new topical guides during prom season and alcohol awareness month
In advance of PowerTalk 21 Day on April 21st and during Alcohol Awareness Month this April, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and National Presenting Sponsor Nationwide are equipping parents with Power of Parents resources needed to have conversations with their teens about the dangers and consequences of teen drinking. With prom season in full bloom and graduation on the horizon, PowerTalk 21 Day is an ideal time for parents to use the latest tools to enable parents including five new topical guides made available today thanks to the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA). These are bite-sized guides, each focused on a specific topic.
National May 2017 Opinion:Toxic drinking culture lead to the Penn State fraternity death
Hazing. Sexual assault. Excessive drinking. Blackouts. Death. These words have become synonymous with college fraternities as a steady stream of media reports expose misbehavior, and criminal behavior, at fraternity social events. The scrutiny on fraternities has increased dramatically over the past several years. What has not increased is our clarity about what to do to keep these negative consequences from happening. A recent review of existing scientific studies came to an alarming conclusion: Extant alcohol interventions show limited efficacy in reducing consumption and problems among fraternity and sorority members. In other words, what we are currently doing does not work.
National September 2017 ABC cops use apps to spot fake IDs
Underage drinkers are using more sophisticated fake IDs, but alcohol enforcement officers in some states are using smartphone apps to scan driver's licenses to help them quickly weed out the phonies. "Before, if they gave us a good fake internet ID we couldn't determine it wasn't real by visual inspection," said Rusty Hanna, Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control's enforcement chief. Hanna's ABC unit is one of nearly two dozen in 10 states that use an app called Age ID, according to the app's developer, Intellicheck.
Nebraska January 2014 State Patrol compliance check yields citations
A recent compliance check resulted in five McCook businesses being cited for selling alcohol to a minor.
Nebraska February 2016 Three Lexington businesses fail liquor checks
The Nebraska State Patrol conducted alcohol compliance checks at 11 retail outlets in Dawson County, including convenience, liquor, and grocery stores, and restaurants and bars.Three Lexington businesses failed Dawson County alcohol compliance checks on Saturday by selling alcohol to a minor, the Nebraska State Patrol said.
Nebraska March 2016 Metro businesses caught selling alcohol to minors
The operation resulted in 25 of the 381 outlets checked, allegedly selling alcohol to a minor. While the percentage of businesses selling alcohol to minors is relatively low, a majority (15 of the 25) checked the ID of the minor and sold alcohol anyway. There were four repeat violators for selling alcohol to minors, who have violations that fall within the statutory four-year look-back period used by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission for enacting penalties. These penalties include mandatory closure of alcohol sales, plus suspensions ranging from 10 - 50 days.
Nebraska April 2016 Aurora restaurant found non-compliant
Pizza Hut in Aurora was the only business found to be non-compliant in a check of 15 Hamilton County businesses Friday by the Nebraska State Patrol. The checks are meant to ensure that businesses comply with the state's alcohol laws and to decrease youth access to alcohol. The State Patrol found that the Aurora Pizza Hut sold alcohol to a minor.
Nebraska November 2016 Dozens of underage drinking citations issued at Husker home games
During the last four home Husker football games, the Lincoln Police Department coordinated a special underage drinking enforcement project. Extra officers, paid for by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, made 1,955 resident contacts.  Twenty-nine people were cited for minor in possession, 26 for consuming in public and 22 for urinating in public. 
Nebraska February 2017 NSP alcohol checks conducted in York and Polk Counties
During the evening of Saturday, Jan. 28, the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) conducted alcohol compliance checks at retail outlets in York and Polk Counties.  The NSP says that in York County, 26 businesses were checked, with three found to be non-compliant after selling alcohol to a minor.
Nebraska May 2017 Rate of alcohol sales to minors on the rise
Hundreds of compliance checks conducted over the past two months reveal that the rate of businesses cited for selling alcohol to minors has increased significantly from the rate seen in 2016
Nebraska June 2017 State Patrol says trickery not used in compliance checks
Some people believe law enforcement uses subterfuge in testing to see whether businesses sell alcohol to minors. 
Nebraska November 2017 7 businesses fail alcohol compliance in Saunders, Otoe counties
Nebraska State Patrol investigators held alcohol inspections in Saunders and Otoe counties, and seven businesses were caught selling to a minor. A total of 56 businesses were inspected as part of the effort on Saturday. In Saunders County, 26 businesses were checked with two selling alcohol to a minor for a non-compliance rate of 7 percent. Neither business asked for the minor's ID. In Otoe County, 30 businesses were checked with five selling alcohol to a minor for a non-compliance rate of 16 percent. Four of those businesses failed to check the minor's ID.
Nebraska May 2018 17 local businesses cited for underage alcohol sales
As part of compliance checks on area businesses, Omaha police officers cited 17 out of 290 businesses for selling alcohol to minors. The checks were conducted on May 18th and 19th. "With the school year winding down and summer break beginning, law enforcement knows how critical underage drinking enforcements are in preventing youth access to alcohol. One night of underage drinking can lead to unintended, tragic consequences for youth and the larger community," said Sgt. Chris Apley with the Nebraska State Patrol.
Nebraska June 2018 Security confiscating more than 100 fake IDs at Omaha Baseball Village
As beers are served in the Omaha Baseball Village, First Response Security guards are checking IDs to make sure they're legitimate. From last Friday to Monday, security guards have confiscated more than 120 fake IDs from multiple venues surrounding TD Ameritrade Park. That triples the amount from a similar stretch last year.
Nevada March 2013 Majority of businesses fail wine walk underage drinking compliance check
An underage alcohol compliance check operation taken place during the River Walk District's St. Patrick's Day Wine Walk resulted in an 84% failure rate for businesses.
New Hampshire March 2013 Underage sting finds 10 Concord businesses in violation of state liquor laws
The police have cited 10 Concord businesses for selling or serving alcohol to minors after a one-night sting operation involving underage volunteers. The businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations, face administrative action by the state Liquor Commission.
New Hampshire April 2013 2 more Hudson businesses snared in alcohol sting
The police and state of New Hampshire's Bureau of Liquor Enforcement sent a minor into 19 restaurants and bars on Thursday to buy alcohol, 17 of which passed.
New Hampshire May 2014 Four charged during Derry alcohol compliance checks
Planned to coincide with prom and graduation season, Derry police and New Hampshire Liquor Enforcement officers conducted 47 compliance checks of local stores and restaurants on Thursday.
New Hampshire September 2017 Police arrest 38 teens at underage drinking party at NH pond
Police arrested 38 teenagers on alcohol-related charges after breaking up a gathering Thursday night. Sunapee police said they received a report of what appeared to be several intoxicated teenagers throwing bottles into Otter Pond around 11 p.m. Officers responded and discovered a large gathering of underage teens who appeared to be intoxicated, with a large quantity of alcohol present.
New Hampshire April 2018 With Dover prom Saturday, group warns against underage drinking
The Dover High School prom is Saturday and the Dover Coalition for Youth wants to remind everyone that we all play a part in preventing underage drinking.  Last week the Dover Police Department and the N.H. Liquor Commission conducted compliance checks with off-premise liquor licenses (stores where you purchase alcohol and consume it off site) to ensure they are not selling to minors. Twenty-two of the 27 stores checked refused to sell to minors, according to Dover Police. The Coalition thanks those businesses for sending a strong message to Dover's youth by refusing to sell to minors.
New Jersey November 2012 'Sticker Shock' combats underage drinking
The program is funded by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) through a federal grant made possible by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.
New Jersey December 2012 Underage Patrons Served Booze
ABC investigators were observing Cryan's on Oct. 18 when an 18-year-old Toms River woman walked out of the establishment visibly intoxicated. According to investigators, both struggled to maintain their balance, and at one point, the woman stumbled into the path of an oncoming vehicle in a nearby street.
New Jersey January 2013 Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Indefinitely Suspends Harrison License for Criminal Interest Following Investigation for Sale to Juvenile
Report of Hospitalization of 14-year-old tips off ABC detectives to Criminally Disqualified Owner
New Jersey July 2013 ABC Warns Against Underage Drinking at the Jersey Shore
With just two weekends left in the unofficial summer season, the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control is warning underage drinkers and those who would help them get alcohol to think twice before they try to buy liquor.
New Jersey July 2013 Cops in Shops target underage drinkers
The state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control joined with other state, county and local officials to announce the summer kickoff of its "Cops in Shops" enforcement initiative where local officers either pose as store employees or are positioned outside the establishment to apprehend adults who attempt to purchase alcohol for underage drinkers.
New Jersey November 2013 City stiffening penalties for selling beer to minors
The owners of businesses that sell cereal malt beverages will be subject to new penalties if their employees are caught selling beer to minors, under a new ordinance approved Tuesday by the Garden City Commission.
New Jersey March 2014 Charges possible against Country Griddle in Clinton Township after underage drinking probe
An undercover investigation into complaints about underage drinking and possible criminal activity at the Country Griddle restaurant and lounge led to the arrest of an employee and 10 other people on police charges.
New Jersey November 2016 More than 200 arrested for underage alcohol purchases at Jersey Shore
More than 200 underage drinkers who partied too hard at the Jersey Shore and those who served them over the summer faced the consequences, according to the New Jersey Attorney General. Twenty-seven beaches participated in the program led by the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, according to officials.
New Jersey February 2017 In charging Morris County homeowner, cops warn about underage drinking parties
A Morris Township homeowner allowed about 30 people below the legal drinking age to drink alcoholic beverages in his house on Jan. 20, knowing that the party-goers were underage, police said. Morris Township Police Cpt. Mark DiCarlo said police responded to complaints about noise and "quickly discovered" the party in full-swing. He said there were about 30 young people in the house, all being less than 21 years old and about half of them being juveniles.
New Jersey October 2017 More than 50 arrested at Far Hills Race Meeting
Increased police presence and a zero-tolerance for underage drinking resulted in 57 arrests at the Far Hills Race Meeting on Saturday. Twenty-two people were charged with underage drinking and six were charged with public intoxication, according to a police department Facebook post. One person was charged with having a false identification.
New Jersey October 2017 Police plan major crackdown on underage drinking at Far Hills Race meeting
Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, in partnership with New Jersey State Police, race event organizers, New Jersey Transit, and the Borough of Far Hills, plans a major crackdown on underage drinking at the Far Hills Race Meeting Saturday, Oct. 21. The event has been plagued in recent years by public intoxication, public urination, drug offenses and disorderly conduct. The race draws a crowd of 35,000 each year. State, county and local law enforcement officers will be conducting identification checks of underage individuals suspected of drinking alcoholic beverages on the race grounds. Those individuals that are identified as underage will be taken into custody, charged and will have to be released to a non-intoxicated adult.
New Mexico May 2018 Two men arrested during sting for buying minors alcohol
Local law enforcement busted two men for selling alcohol to minors over the holiday weekend. According to a criminal complaint, deputies and State Police held an underage alcohol sting late Friday night. They arrested 38-year-old for buying alcohol for two minors at the Circle K on Tramway and Lomas. Five minutes later and a few miles away, deputies busted 52-year-old Timothy Olguin for buying whiskey for a minor.
New York February 2013 NYPD inspects Lower East Side bars
The Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots, an organization run by the Criminal Justice Coordinator's office, leads these inspections. MARCH is a project done in conjunction with the Department of Buildings, the Department of Environmental Protection, New York Fire Department and the State Liquor Authority.
New York March 2013 Oneonta Sip N' Sail Owner Charged with Serving Underage Patrons
Sip N' Sail Tavern owner Adrian Origoni, 40, was charged with selling alcohol to a person under the age of 21 after an operative by the New York State Police, city of Oneonta Police Department, and New York State Liquor Authority to curb underage drinking in the city.
New York May 2013 SLA closes University Heights bar for sale of alcohol to minors
Mojo's, a popular Main Street bar near the University at Buffalo's South Campus was shut down Friday by the State Liquor Authority for alleged sales of alcohol to minors.
New York June 2013 Cops Bust Deli Workers, Bartender in Undercover Sting
East Hampton Town police say some workers didn't ask a minor for identification during investigation.
New York July 2013 Investigators finding more fake IDs
But this year, a greater number of tickets are being written for fake IDs because the Department of Motor Vehicles has teamed up with the Genesee County Sheriff's Office. Deputies invited DMV investigators to start coming to concerts to help them bust underage drinkers using a fake ID or someone else's ID to help them buy alcohol.
New York October 2013 Four store employees charged with liquor sales to minors
Four employees at Niagara County convenience stores were arrested Friday for allegedly selling alcoholic beverages to underage persons.
New York October 2013 More stores pass booze test
In total, the undercover minors were able to purchase alcohol at 76 establishments, including 26 in the Bronx, 23 in Brooklyn, 19 Manhattan, six in Queens and two on Staten Island.
New York October 2013 Workers in store, bar charged in underaged liquor sting
Two people are facing charges for selling alcohol to minors in Cattaraugus County, authorities said today.
New York November 2013 24th Street store clerk ticketed for selling to minors
An employee of a 24th Street convenience store has been charged with selling booze to an underage decoy of the State Liquor Authority.
New York March 2014 Police: Four Eastern Dutchess County Stores Cited for Selling Alcohol to Minors
Four retail store employees were hit with misdemeanor charges on Monday for selling alcohol to an underage customer during a state police sting executed in several towns throughout eastern Dutchess County.
New York March 2014 Popular Oneonta Bar Facing Charges After Underage Drinking Sting
State Liquor Authority charges are pending against Legend's Bar & Grill at 82 Main Street in Oneonta. In addition, a Legend's bartender, Chelsea M. Jordan, 23, was arrested, ticketed, and charged with unlawfully dealing with a child and unlawful sale of alcohol to a person under 21. A bar patron was also arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana.
New York March 2014 Underage Drinking Initiative leads to arrests at Pascale's Wine Bar and Restaurant in Fayetteville, Tops Express in DeWitt
State police caught a bartender at a local restaurant and a gas station clerk selling alcohol to minors Monday during a sting to crackdown on illegal alcohol sales in Onondaga County's eastern suburbs.
New York March 2014 Underage-drinking prevention and enforcement a joint effort
In the 40 years that Liquor and Wine Warehouse owner Steve Carpenter has been in the business, he's seen countless fake IDs come across the sales counter. Each time a cashier spots a fake ID at his store, State Police are called. "We've called them four or five times on a Friday night."
New York April 2014 4 M-town establishments cited, accused of selling alcohol to minors
Middletown police, along with officials from the New York State Liquor Authority, cited four establishments, accused of selling alcohol to minors, when they visited about 30 establishments Thursday.
New York May 2014 32 city stores caught selling alcohol to minors in state sting
The stores were snared in a sting operation run by the State Liquor Authority over the past two weeks that sent undercover minors to 74 locations in the city seeking to purchase alcohol.
New York May 2014 Pine Hills bar closes following raid
The owner of Jugs and Mugs, a Madison Avenue bar in the city's Pine Hills neighborhood, shuttered the business and relinquished its liquor license after a multi-agency raid Friday found the bar packed at three times its capacity and that minors had been served alcohol.
New York May 2014 Statewide Underage Drinking Study Shows its Easier to Score Alcohol in Brooklyn
Brooklyn may be the easiest borough for underage drinkers to purchase alcohol, according to early results from an underage drinking investigation conducted in the state of New York.
New York July 2014 Six bar, store employees charged with selling alcohol to minors in Ontario County
Ontario County sheriff's deputies, in conjunction with the New York State Liquor Authority, checked local bars, convenience stores and liquor stores for compliance in the sales of alcohol to minors. Thirty establishments were checked county-wide, and employees at six of those locations sold alcohol to minors, police allege.
New York August 2014 Columbia County underage drinking initiative nets the arrest of a Chatham man
Eight stores were checked by utilizing an 18-year-old volunteer to purchase alcoholic beverages under the observation of plainclothes investigators supported by uniformed troopers. The enforcement operation resulted in the arrest of one clerk who completed an illegal sale of alcoholic beverage to a person under 21 years of age.
New York August 2014 Restaurant Known for Loud Parties Is Shut Down for Serving Minors
A restaurant and hookah bar known for its loud, late-night parties was forced to temporarily shut down after workers were caught serving alcohol to underage customers, officials said.
New York December 2014 Nanuet 7-11 fined $7K for underage alcohol sales
The New York State Liquor Authority's board met Dec. 16 and it fined the 7-Eleven store at 85 E. Route 59 in Nanuet $7,000 for selling alcohol to minors on Halloween and July 18. The convenience shop had no prior history, according to the SLA board's agenda.
New York December 2014 Sheriff's office: Three Cayuga County establishments violated underage drinking laws
Three southern Cayuga County establishments have been referred to the state Liquor Authority after the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office conducted an underage drinking check last week, the sheriff's office announced Thursday. In addition, one employee at each establishment is facing a misdemeanor charge.
New York January 2015 Police: 3 of 5 Dutchess bars sold alcohol to minor
Three out of five Dutchess County establishments sold alcohol to a minor during an underage drinking enforcement operation, according to a state police news release.
New York February 2015 Rockland businesses fined $28,500 for underage sales
Three Rockland County businesses owe $28,500 in fines for selling alcohol to minors.
New York February 2016 Bar owners crack down on fake IDs
20 people with fake forms of identification were arrested at The Statesmen, a popular college bar in Geneseo.
New York February 2016 Law enforcement cracks down on underage drinking, fake IDs
The State Liquor Authority also cracked down on the sale of alcohol to minors. In 2015, the SLA prosecuted 1,552 licensees for underage sales in New York state - a 50 percent increase from 1,036 prosecutions in 2010, according to the release.
New York May 2016 New "No Excuses" campaign aims to curb underage drinking
The next time you head to the check out counter at your local liquor store, you may notice new signs aimed at curbing underage drinking in New York State. State and local leaders came together at Midnight Liquors Wednesday morning to launch the new "No Excuses" campaign in our area. It's meant to send a strong message that underage drinking or any attempt to purchase alcohol underage will not be tolerated.
New York June 2016 53 cited for underage drinking, fake IDs at Kenny Chesney show
More than 50 people were ticketed at the Kenney Chesney concert at CMAC on Friday night. Deputies say 28 underage people were given tickets for underage drinking. Another 25 were cited for using fake ID's to obtain wrist bands to consume alcohol.
New York June 2016 State agencies plan crackdown on underage drinking, DWI at summer concert venues
State officials are warning concert goers to expect more DWI checkpoints and tougher enforcement of underage drinking in and around state-owned venues this summer, including SPAC and Jones Beach. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of coordinated sweeps during the summer concert season and at other underage hotspots as part of ongoing efforts to deter underage drinking and prevent the use of fake IDs.
New York July 2016 Long Beach police break up underage drinking parties
Long Beach police broke up two underage drinking parties last week after officers responded to noise complaints. "The Long Beach Police Department will not tolerate underage drinking in our community." Police Commissioner Michael Tangney said in a statement. The social host ordinance refers to any legal adult who is in charge of the property. The penalty for violating the ordinance is up to $1,000 and 15 days in jail, subject to judicial discretion. The law was passed to hold adults accountable for allowing underage drinking on their premises.
New York July 2016 Officials: 15 arrested at SPAC for underage drinking, number of fake IDs seized
The DMV has announced 60 weekend arrests during the latest round of "Operation Prevent," designed to deter underage drinking in local communities and keep New York's roadways safe.
New York August 2016 State agencies coordinate to reduce underage drinking on campuses
Multiple state agencies are embarking on a coordinated effort to reduce underage drinking on college campuses, in time for the start of the new school year, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last Tuesday. The programs are aimed at helping parents talk to their college students; offering training for bar and tavern owners; deterring fake ID use; and protecting students from sexual violence. The efforts are coming from the state Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services; the state Liquor Authority, state Department of Motor Vehicles and the state police.
New York October 2016 Governor Cuomo announces results of underage drinking crackdown at summer concerts
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the results of coordinated sweeps during the summer concert season to crackdown on underage drinking across the state. Investigators arrested 411 people for underage drinking and confiscated 437 fake identification documents during these events.
New York December 2016 Governor Cuomo announces record number of fake ID seizures and underage drinking arrests
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that underage drinking sweeps conducted by DMV investigators in 2016 resulted in the seizure of 862 fraudulent licenses and the arrest of 818 individuals for underage drinking, both single year records. Through the year-round Operation Prevent initiative, DMV investigators work with state and local law enforcement agencies to conduct underage drinking and fake ID sweeps at bars, restaurants and concert venues across New York. The previous record of 751 seized ID documents and 758 arrests was set in 2015.
New York January 2017 NY sets record for underage drinking sweeps in 2016
Underage drinking sweeps conducted by state Department of Motor Vehicle investigators in 2016 resulted in the seizure of 862 fraudulent licenses and the arrest of 818 individuals for underage drinking in New York, both single year records. The previous record of 751 seized ID documents and 758 arrests was set in 2015. In addition, the state Liquor Authority continues to enforce underage drinking laws and provide education and training to licensees. In 2016, the SLA issued 1,051 penalties to licensed retailers for underage sales.
New York February 2017 33 arrested during underage drinking sweep in Upstate NY, largest bust in Cortland
In an effort to crackdown on underage drinking, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles conducted a sweep of establishments throughout Upstate New York and made 33 arrests.  The area with the most arrests was Cortland, home to SUNY Cortland, with a total of 25 arrests. Those arrested were individuals who were attempting to use fake driver licenses to purchase alcohol or enter a bar.
New York March 2017 Governor Cuomo announces advanced efforts to crack down on underage drinking
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a statewide crackdown on underage drinking. Over the next two months, State Liquor Authority Beverage Control Investigators, working with underage minor decoys, will conduct statewide sweeps at more than 500 locations holding liquor licenses, including bars, restaurants, liquor stores and grocery stores.
New York March 2017 Liquor Authority increasing sweeps at bars in New York State
The New York State Liquor Authority is conducting inspections at over 500 locations that hold New York State liquor licenses in order to monitor underage drinking. The New York State Liquor Authority began these increased sweeps at the beginning of March and plans to continue through the end of April, according to a press release from Governor Andrew Cuomo. The state will be using “underage minor decoys” at bars, restaurants, grocery stores and other places with liquor licenses to test alcohol consumption law enforcement.
New York May 2017 City cracks down on underage drinking, 184 establishments busted for illegal sales
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday, May 5 the results of a series of crackdowns on underage drinking recently conducted by the State Liquor Authority (SLA) and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Throughout March and April, underage SLA decoys visited 647 establishments, 184 of which made illegal sales. Licensees caught making underage sales face penalties of up to $10,000 per violation, as well as fines starting at $2,500 for a first time offense. Repeat offenders may have their license suspended or revoked.
New York May 2017 Crackdown on underage drinking at summer shows
New York State is cracking down on underage drinking at summer concerts. Governer Cuomo annouced Wednesday that just after two concerts this summer season, 67 people had already been arrested.
New York July 2017 Nyack Pour House liquor license suspended
The most popular bar in Nyack won't be serving alcohol until further notice. The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) has suspended the liquor license for the Nyack Pour House for serving alcohol to minors.
New York August 2017 Governor Cuomo announces continued efforts to combat underage drinking this Fall
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a coordinated effort by state agencies to crack down on underage drinking on college campuses and in college towns as the fall semester begins. The New York State Liquor Authority and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, along with local law enforcement agencies, will conduct statewide sweeps of locations holding liquor licenses, including bars, restaurants, liquor stores and grocery stores, looking for fake IDs and illegal sales to minors.
New York November 2017 State suspends Cortland bar's liquor license after 111 sales to minors
The New York State Liquor Authority has suspended a Cortland bar's liquor license after more than 100 sales to minors, including one involving a 16-year-old. The suspension was ordered today to Mario Enterprises, Inc., doing business as the Stone Lounge. No alcohol may be sold or consumed on the premises, according to the Liquor Authority. The Cortland Police Department reported the bar to the Liquor Authority detailing "rampant underage drinking" dating back more than two months. There has been 111 alleged sales to minors at the bar since Sept. 1. "While ID scanners can be a valuable tool for compliance, they only work for licensees interested in following the law," said Christopher R. Riano, lawyer for the Liquor Authority, in a news release. "The Stone Lounge's specious ID policy was simply a smokescreen, feigning compliance in a failed attempt to deceive law enforcement. The SLA sent a clear message today that bar owners that place making a profit above public health and safety will lose the privilege of holding a liquor license."
New York January 2018 Record number of NY fake ID arrests
New York state set a new record in 2017 for arrests involving underage people attempting to use fake identification to buy alcohol. According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office, investigators charged 843 people with possessing fake identifications in an attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. In addition, 171 people were cited for violations of the alcohol beverage control law by drinking when they were not of legal age.
New York May 2018 Statewide enforcement campaign to curtail underage drinking makes arrests in Oswego
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today (May 9) announced the results of coordinated efforts by the State Liquor Authority, the Department of Motor Vehicles and local law enforcement agencies to crack down on underage drinking throughout the state during the month of April. During this enforcement effort, SLA underage decoys visited 756 establishments, 200 of which made illegal sales. In addition, this April, DMV investigators arrested 48 people under the age of 21 attempting to use false identification to purchase alcohol.
North Carolina March 2013 More Than 100 Arrests in Underage-Drinking Sting in High Country Following ASU Student Death in September
The North Carolina Department of Public Safety has announced the arrest of more than 100 people in an operation aimed at deterring underage purchase and possession of alcoholic beverages, specifically targeting ABC-permitted outlets in the Appalachian State University and the High Country area.
North Carolina April 2013 New brewery faces setback
An up-and-coming brewery in Cleveland County now faces a setback involving one of its first beverages for sale. The three-member Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission board recently prohibited Stout 21 from selling a 3 oz. alcopop.
North Carolina April 2014 NC Loses One Child Per Week in Underage Drinking-Related Accidents
The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission is launching a statewide campaign to reduce underage drinking in the state.
North Carolina December 2014 North Carolina Has An Underage Drinking Problem
Almost twice as many middle and high school students compared to parents think that underage drinking is a serious issue, according to a survey commissioned by the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.
North Carolina April 2016 Four stores charged in underage alcohol sting
During a sting operation on April 15, the Apex Police Department found four out of 11 businesses where an underage person was able to purchase alcohol. All four clerks were cited for Sale of Alcohol to a Person less than 21 years of age.
North Carolina May 2016 Program aims to prevent underage drinking
On Saturday, 10 students from Draughn High School's Students Against Destructive Decisions Club went to four different businesses that sell alcoholic beverages to spread a message about underage drinking. The purpose of Operation Sticker Shock is to label as many alcoholic retail beverages as possible with a two inch round sticker with the message "We Care. We Card , " reminding the purchasers that the business is committed to "carding" by asking for identification prior to purchasing. Special Agent Antwan Happoldt with the NC Alcohol Law Enforcement, along with BSAN's Underage Drinking Initiative coordinator Rhonda Cook, led the effort at four retail locations Saturday morning.
North Carolina August 2016 Local law enforcement officers crack down on underage drinking
Cracking down on underage drinking is once again a top priority for local Alcohol Law Enforcement officers, with thousands of college students back in town. ALE officers say they're cracking down on private clubs because of increased violent crime across the country. They say their number one goal in eastern North Carolina is keeping college students safe and they have three main ways to accomplish that. Locating the source of the alcohol and holding the person or establishment responsible, Educating freshmen at local universities, And addressing fake IDs.
North Carolina September 2016 Law enforcement battling fake ID use linked to "epidemic" of underage drinking deaths
One young adult a week dies in North Carolina due to underage drinking. It's a statistic that local alcohol law enforcement agencies are determined to change. Pitt County ABC and Alcohol Law Enforcement officers kicked off an initiative on September 9th and 10th to catch fake ID users. During that operation, officials say they found 37 fraudulent identification cards. Just this year, agents have collected more than a thousand of them.
North Carolina September 2016 Seeking for Safety: ALE taking aim at underage drinking on campuses
he state's Alcohol Law Enforcement agency, a division of the state's Department of Public Safety, has launched new initiatives, part of its zero tolerance for underage drinking. "One only has to look at some of the tragic events of last year, such as the current Chandler Kania case, to realize underage drinking often leads to students getting into vehicles and attempting to drive," said Special Agent Shannon O'Toole, spokesman for the ALE and the State Bureau of Investigation.
North Carolina September 2016 Tighter penalties for fake IDs
District Attorney Ben David announced a new component of his underage drinking deferred prosecution program in an effort to curb underage drinking and the use of fake IDs. David was joined by NC ABC Commission Chairman Jim Gardner and UNCW Police Chief David Donaldson at a press conference Monday on the UNCW campus. According to the ABC Commission, at least two-thirds of college students are using fake IDs. Starting Oct. 1, anyone who's caught using one will be charged and lose their license for 60 days, without exception.
North Carolina October 2016 ABC hopes to combat underage drinking
In a statewide effort to prevent underage drinking, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC) worked in partnership with Governor Pat McCrory to launch the Talk it Out campaign. Safe Kids Catawba County brought ABC Coalitions Director Kat Haney to Hickory to offer residents a chance to learn how alcohol affects the adolescent brain, what the ABC Commission does, the history of the Talk it Out campaign and tips for talking about the dangers of underage drinking with children.
North Carolina October 2016 Friends testify to day of drinking, smoking pot before fatal I-85 crash
Friends of a former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student involved in a wrong-way collision on Interstate 85 last year that killed three people testified Thursday that the student had been drinking and smoking marijuana throughout the day and night before the crash. Authorities said Kania borrowed a driver's license from a fraternity brother to get into the two bars in the hours before the crash, and the state Alcohol Beverage Control Commission last fall fined both bars for allowing underage drinking. Greene said she also used a fake ID that night, noting a group of friends ordered them in bulk online.
North Carolina June 2017 3 teens found with 68 liters alcohol, drugs, $3,500 in cash
Three teens were arrested Saturday after law enforcement officials seized 3.3 ounces of marijuana, 2.6 grams of cocaine, 18 liters of liquor, 50 liters of beer, $3,500 in cash and drug paraphernalia from their vehicle. 
North Carolina December 2017 11 Alamance stores cited for underage alcohol sales
Eleven businesses failed alcohol compliance operations that Mebane, Burlington and Graham police carried out Dec. 18. The operation was led by the Alamance Alcohol Law Enforcement Response Team. Sheriff's deputies also participated in operation at 40 stores.
North Carolina March 2018 In wake of Statesville shooting, club owner charged with serving minors
The owner of a Statesville nightclub where three teenagers were shot early Saturday morning has been charged with serving alcohol to minors.  The Statesville Police Department said Pedros Rios, of Charlotte, was charged with several misdemeanor violations of alcohol law.  Police Chief Joe Barone said Fiesta Rodeo, at 1607 Salisbury Highway, served alcohol to minors Friday night and Saturday morning. The club was rented for an 18th birthday party.  Police said a fight started at the club and "spilled out into the parking lot where the shooting occurred," according to a press release.  The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation Alcohol Law Enforcement is investigating Fiesta Rodeo.
North Carolina April 2018 Car slams into building after underage drinking party
A night of underage drinking ended in several charges and a violent car crash early Saturday morning. According to a press release sent out by the Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) department of the SBI, Jordan Davis, 19, and his passenger, Alec Tregg Rice, 20, left the party, which was held on Holly Hill Drive in the Hemphill area of Jonathan Creek, in a Jeep Wagoneer. "The vehicle ran off the road, struck a utility pole and hit the first floor of an apartment building at 953 Jonathan Creek Road," the release reads. "No one in the occupied apartment was injured."
North Carolina May 2018 More smartphone apps delivering alcohol
A growing list of grocery stores, food delivery apps, and online retailers are now delivering alcohol straight to your door. Alcohol delivery has been a problem in the past with underage kids finding a way to get it. NBC Charlotte wanted to know if it's still happening. An NBC News investigation found not every alcohol delivery driver follows their company's rules. One driver gave the alcohol to a 13-year-old middle school student who answered the door. So did another one.
North Carolina May 2018 NC ALE: Past alcohol-related issues on Charter Party Charters
There have been alcohol-related problems in the past, according to a state investigator, on party buses from the same Charlotte company that owned the bus a UNC-Charlotte student fell out of and died earlier this week. "We haven't had Victor's company cited for alcohol violations that we know of. We've had their patrons involved with alcohol violations, whether they're underage or the type of alcohol they've had or where they've gotten off the bus with or gotten on the bus with it," said Omar Qureshi, Special Agent in Charge, with NC ALE.
North Dakota January 2013 Bismarck police arrest 10 in alcohol enforcement
Bismarck police arrested 10 adults during a special enforcement operation in which plainclothes officers are stationed outside liquor stores to watch for people buying alcohol for minors.
North Dakota June 2016 Underage drinking enforcement yields 232 total citations
Law enforcement agencies across North Dakota who deployed extra patrols this spring to prevent underage drinking issued 232 total citations. The state Transportation Department says the enhanced enforcement took place from April 1 through May 17. Citations included 54 counts of minor in consumption of alcohol and 29 counts of minor in possession. There were four drunken driving arrests, 22 other alcohol-related citations, 14 drug-related citations and four open container citations.
Ohio July 2013 Safe Stores program reminds adults to stop underage drinking
Four area businesses recently failed alcohol compliance checks performed by the Ohio Investigative Unit, a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.
Ohio December 2013 Booze for minors gets shops busted
Across Ohio, thousands of businesses have been cited for giving alcohol to underage drinkers, promoting gambling and facilitating food stamp fraud over the past five years.
Ohio January 2014 State liquor agents shut down party at Cleveland Heights shoe store because of alleged underage drinking
The agents spotted the party Dec. 27 while investigating other routine complaints on Coventry Road. Officials said agents watched several people that appeared to be younger than 21 bring beer into the Heart & Sole Shoe Boutique.
Ohio April 2014 Liquor officials outline consequences for using fake ID
OLCC inspectors check 6,500 ID each year and confiscate more than 1,000 fakes. Minors who get caught using a fake ID may lose their driving privileges for up to a year. Minors caught with alcohol can be fined and sentenced to community service.
Ohio August 2014 160 People Charged with Alcohol Offenses During Weekend Ohio Concerts
The vast majority of charges were for underage drinking. Other charges during the four-day festival included furnishing alcohol to an underage person, false identification, marijuana possession, marijuana paraphernalia and illegal possession of spirituous liquor.
Ohio April 2016 Police warn of alcohol abuse surrounding prom season
The Ohio Investigative Unit is urging teens to follow the law, and for parents and establishments to be a part of the solution, not the problem this year. Investigators say sexual assaults, fights, even fights with weapons can happen when drinking and young people are involved.
Ohio May 2016 OIU agents remind parents, guardians of Ohio's alcohol laws
In high schools all across Ohio, graduates and their families are celebrating the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. Those celebrations often include alcohol. In an effort to make this a safe graduation season, agents with the Ohio State Highway Patrol's Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU) remind parents and graduates to make the decision not to participate in illegal and dangerous behavior, such as providing alcohol to minors and consuming underage.
Ohio June 2016 Ohio investigators urge responsible summer concert drinking
The Ohio State Highway Patrol's Ohio Investigative Unit says adults should drink responsibly and not provide alcohol to anyone under 21 or anyone who is drunk. Investigators also warn against underage drinking, and showing a fake ID. Agents charged 118 people at a concert in Columbus last month and 133 people at a concert in Athens in April. Most charges involved underage drinking.
Ohio February 2017 Agents charge 17 with underage violations during Oxford crackdown
In the wake of a spike in alcohol-related illnesses at Miami University, state agents are cracking down on underage drinking. On Friday, 17 individuals were arrested by agents with the Ohio Investigative Unit for underage possession of beer, and each were issued a summons to appear the in the Butler County Area 1 Court. Officials said each person arrested used a fake ID to buy beer from Johnny's Campus Deli in the 200 block of East Sycamore Street. The crackdown comes on the heels of spike in alcohol-related illnesses on or near campus.
Ohio February 2017 All 23 arrested in underage alcohol sting are UD students, university officials say
All 23 arrested individuals are students at University of Dayton and any students in violation of Ohio laws are subject to university disciplinary action, university officials confirmed.   "The University of Dayton assisted the Ohio Division of Liquor Control's enforcement action near campus Feb. 2-3. The University welcomes any effort to keep our students safe and hold them accountable for their actions," the university said in a statement.
Ohio March 2017 Woman critical after falling off balcony in Warehouse District bar
A 20-year-old woman is in the hospital in critical condition after falling off of a balcony in the Warehouse District. According to EMS, the victim was in downtown Cleveland on West 6th Street inside Spirits when she fell off of a balcony inside of a bar. Spirits was closed after the incident because of hazardous conditions, according to police. Investigators with the Department of Public Safety’s Investigative Unit were also on scene.
Ohio April 2017 25 arrested at 'lively,' warm Palmer Fest
Temperatures of over 60 degrees and plenty of sunshine spurred strong attendance, numerous arrests and early shutdowns at this year’s Palmer Fest. According to a news release from the City of Athens, a total of 25 people were arrested by various departments, including the Athens Police Department, the Ohio University Police Department and the Ohio Investigative Unit. By approximately 2:30 p.m., about four or five parties had been shut down, Pyle said. Parties were shut down due to people throwing beer cans at police officers and underage drinking.
Ohio May 2017 Deputies investigating large house party with underage drinking and drug use
The Meigs County Sherriff's Department is investigating a case after they found around 100 teenagers and young adults underage drinking.
Ohio August 2017 Several East Liverpool businesses fail alcohol compliance checks
Several East Liverpool stores and bars failed alcohol compliance checks on Saturday.  Columbiana County Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Team partnered with Ohio Investigative Unit and conducted alcohol compliance checks. According to reports, out of the 15 places checked, 11 of them sold to minors.
Ohio September 2017 Alcohol-related arrests at OSU home games surpass 2016 season
After just three home football games so far this season, the Ohio State University has already surpassed the number of alcohol-related arrests for the entire 2016 season. The university has started partnering with other agencies including local, state and federal law enforcement organizations, such as the Ohio Investigative Unit, to enhance safety on game day.
Ohio January 2018 Man police say raped 15-year-old told attorney he was 'wasted' at the time
One of the two men accused of raping a 15-year-old after plying her with alcohol at a party in Delhi Township told his attorney he was "wasted" that night. Steven Lee, 20, and Antonio Leicht, 21, were both charged with rape on Saturday, police said. Delhi Township police Lt. Joe Macaluso said the men, who are cousins, raped the teen, one right after the other, early Saturday in the basement of a home in the 300 block of Anderson Ferry Road.
Ohio April 2018 OIU agents remind parents and students of Ohio's alcohol laws ahead of Prom
School administrators: You can now download the prom and graduation letter, which addresses Ohio's alcohol laws such as underage drinking, furnishing alcohol to minors and penalties for violating the laws.
Ohio May 2018 Ohio warns against graduation party alcohol violations
The spring graduation season has prompted state officials to once again remind parents and students about Ohio laws prohibiting those under age 21 from consuming alcohol. The Ohio Investigative Unit warns it's illegal for parents to serve alcohol to people under age 21 who are not their children even at parents' homes. Investigative agents also recommend that limousine companies review policies with drivers who could be charged with allowing underage consumption.
Oklahoma January 2013 Two businesses receive citations for serving minors
Last week, Stillwater police officers and Alcohol Beverage Law Enforcement (ABLE) Commission agents discovered Fuzzy's Taco Shop and Dulaney's liquor store sold high-point alcohol to teenagers.
Oklahoma February 2013 Oklahoma Police Conduct Underage Alcohol Buying Sting
More than a dozen Durant businesses were targeted in a sting operation to see if they would sell alcohol to minors. The Oklahoma Police Department teamed up with ABLE agents and teen volunteers for tonight's sting.
Oklahoma February 2013 Police gather in Durant to battle underage drinking
Teenagers were in the bars, stores and restaurants to train police officers from across the state as part of a multi-agency operation by the Oklahoma ABLE Commission and the 2M2L program.
Oklahoma March 2013 ABLE Commission announces plans to crack down on underage drinking
The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission recently announced its plans to crack down on underage drinking.
Oklahoma March 2013 ABLE Commission steps local efforts
Underage drinking taking a toll on state.
Oklahoma May 2013 Minors help Oklahoma ABLE Commission crack down on underage drinking
The Oklahoma ABLE Commission along with the Osage County Sheriff's Office will hold a two-day training for police officers on alcohol laws, identifying fake ID's, conducting underage buys
Oklahoma November 2013 ABLE agents training police to crack down on underage drinking in Oklahoma
The recent undercover exercise was part of a two-day training by the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement, the agency that enforces the state's alcohol laws, held for area law enforcers.
Oklahoma April 2014 Law enforcement undergoes training on preventing underage drinking
"It's just teaching them to do the best they can with the minimum manpower they have to work with, and safely protect themselves and the kids at the same time."
Oklahoma February 2017 Agencies come together to investigate new fake IDs in Oklahoma
Law enforcement agencies are investigating a new type of fake ID in Oklahoma. The ABLE Commission, FBI and immigration officers are working together to figure out where they came from and what can be done to stop them. Officials said teens usually buy the fake IDs online and use them to get into bars or buy alcohol. At least 10 of the IDs have been confiscated in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma March 2017 Underage teens help catch Durant businesses selling alcohol to minors
Oklahoma officers said 20 percent of people drinking in the state are underage. Tuesday, four local minors helped them crack down on this crime. They're teaming up with 27 undercover officers to make sure local businesses are following the law. "Do you realize giving alcohol to minors is a felony?" Alcohol Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission Agent Erik Smoot said to one employee at a Durant restaurant that got caught selling alcohol to one of the teens.
Oklahoma August 2017 Two Marlow retailers cited for underage alcohol sales
The City of Marlow was subjected to its annual alcohol compliance check for 2017. The Marlow checks July 28 were coordinated by the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE), Marlow Police Department, Wichita Mountains Prevention Network (WMPN) and student volunteers.
Oklahoma November 2017 Allowing underage drinking could mean jail time for minor or adult
Underage drinking is no laughing matter. Just ask Tonya Lynne Moss and Justin David Moore, two people who will have to serve prison time for playing a role in the death of a 15-year-old boy. Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE) agent Erik Smoot said, unfortunately, parties like the one that caused Nicholas' death, is all too common, and responsibility lies on both the parents and the children. According to Smoot, the state has made strides in preventing underage drinking, including implementing a more strengthened social host law in 2009. The law isn't specific to parents, and allow for minors to be held accountable as well.
Oklahoma January 2018 Nine charged in APD-CCSD sting to combat underage drinking
Charges were filed in Carter County District Court Friday alleging that nine clerks at area convenience stores sold alcohol to minors during a multi-agency sting operation between members of the Ardmore Police Department, the Carter County Sheriff's Department and the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission.
Oregon March 2013 Underage Alcohol Sting Results In 3 Violations For Sherwood Local Businesses
The City of Sherwood Police Department in conjunction with OLCC recently conducted a minor decoy operation at several businesses in Sherwood.
Oregon October 2013 Fake ID spotted by OLCC inspectors ensnares wanted runaway teen
"Keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors is a priority for the OLCC," said John Eckhart, OLCC Director of Enforcement and Field Operations.
Oregon October 2013 Lake Oswego police cite 60 underage drinkers at party, find girl unconscious
Police and state liquor agents cited an estimated 60 underage drinkers Saturday night at a Lake Oswego party where a 17-year-old girl was found unconscious.
Oregon September 2016 Festival, sheriff's office to crack down on alcohol issues
Linn County sheriff's deputies and organizers of the Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival plan to crack down on minors who drink during the three-day event. During a post-festival discussion Wednesday with Linn County commissioners, the two groups said alcohol-related issues are a major concern and they will work harder together to stop them. Security booted people from 49 campsites and cut a total 156 wristbands, she said. Officers turned minors with alcohol over to law enforcement or the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and blacklisted them from buying tickets for next year.
Oregon September 2017 OLCC minor-decoy 'sting' learning experience for businesses
The Oregon Liquor Control Commission recently used their "minor decoy" program to see if Central Oregon businesses would sell alcohol to minors. And the number that did was way above the statewide passing grade. Fourteen licensees in Bend were randomly selected for the sting on July 5, and six of them sold to the minors.
Pennsylvania February 2013 Pennsylvania increases underage drinking fine
Quakers caught and convicted for underage drinking could be looking at steeper penalties this year.
Pennsylvania April 2013 Underage drinking crackdown at Citizens Bank Park; 61 cited
A crackdown on underage drinking resulted in 61 citations on one night alone outside Citizens Bank Park, police say.
Pennsylvania April 2013 Undercover liquor control officers to be on duty during Fling
The Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement for the District of Philadelphia will be making a guest appearance over Fling Weekend in the form of undercover officers authorized to cite students for underage drinking.
Pennsylvania May 2013 Liquor law violations filed against seven York County businesses
Four establishments allegedly served alcohol to minors, according to a news release. Pennsylvania State Police's Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement recently cited seven restaurants and bars in York County for various violations of the liquor law, according to a news release.
Pennsylvania July 2013 3 charged for underage drinking party tied to teenager's death
Two teenagers turned themselves in Thursday to face charges stemming from a party that led to the death of 17-year-old two months ago.
Pennsylvania September 2013 Area police to target underage drinkers
Liquor enforcement officers from the state police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, will work with local police to target underage drinking as the fall semester begins at local colleges and universities in Monroe County.
Pennsylvania September 2013 Police: underage drinking not tolerated
With the beginning of fall semester at local colleges and universities, law enforcement on both a local and state level will aim to aggressively enforce underage drinking laws.
Pennsylvania October 2013 Villanova student died of alcohol poisoning
The 18-year-old Villanova University student whose body was found in her dormitory room three days into the semester in August died of alcohol poisoning, according to the Delaware County medical examiner.
Pennsylvania November 2013 Liquor board grants Penn $25,000 for alcohol education
The Division of Public Safety and the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives received a $25,000 grant to fund alcohol education related to off-campus parties.
Pennsylvania December 2013 Liquor police cite 23 people at Blarney Stone
Of the 23 people who were cited on Dec. 14, 21 received citations for underage drinking, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement Sergeant Dan Steele said. Another seven received citations for carrying a false identification card.
Pennsylvania February 2014 Four York County businesses cited by liquor-control cops
State police with the state's Liquor Control Enforcement agency cited four York County establishments in January. Three restaurants were cited for allegedly serving alcohol to a minor, police said.
Pennsylvania March 2014 Liquor Enforcement Officers Seeking Students to Work Undercover
The state police Liquor Control Enforcement Bureau is searching for college students interested in earning criminal justice experience by participating in undercover law enforcement investigations.
Pennsylvania April 2014 Underage and Undercover: Underage sales investigated
There are nine liquor enforcement offices in Pennsylvania. One of those offices is in Altoona, Blair County, and covers eight counties. Enforcement officers and volunteers are on the streets, in uniform or incognito, to make sure rules and regulations are being followed.
Pennsylvania November 2014 Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement cites numerous Lehigh Valley liquor-sellers
The Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement cited several Lehigh Valley establishments for alleged liquor law violations.
Pennsylvania December 2014 12 Lehigh Valley establishments cited with violating state liquor control laws
If found guilty of the violations, the businesses can be subject to fines of up to $5,000 and suspension or revocation of the liquor licenses, depending on the severity of the offense.
Pennsylvania January 2015 Alcohol violations among youth trending downward in Pennsylvania
Recently released statistics from Pennsylvania State Police show liquor law violations are down overall by more than 5,000 offenses in the past five years. Maj. Thomas Butler, who heads the state police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, said the majority of the offenses are underage drinking charges.
pennsylvania July 2016 Over 30 taken to hospital at Chesney concert; fans leave piles of trash
Pittsburgh public safety officials said more than 30 people were taken to hospitals and several others were arrested in and around the Kenny Chesney concert on the North Shore tonight. Wendell Hissrich, city public safety director, said the vast majority were related to "over-intoxication" and dehydration. Earlier in the day, officers from the state police Bureau of Liquor Control said they cited 36 people for underage drinking around Heinz Field in the hours before Saturday night's Kenny Chesney concert.
Pennsylvania September 2016 3 arrests made, 6 Heinz Field vendors cited for selling alcohol to minors during Pitt vs. Penn State game
Medical incidents, arrests, and citations were reported on a hot, humid morning near Heinz Field, where Saturday's Pitt-Penn State football game drew a record-breaking crowd. State police said they issued 34 citations for underage drinking and two for fake ID's in the Heinz Field parking lots. Police also said compliance detail was conducted inside Heinz Field. Eleven vendors inside the stadium were checked, and it was found that six sold to those underage customers.
Pennsylvania November 2016 South Bethlehem BYOB that was raided 'put on notice'
Thirteen Lehigh University students were cited for underage drinking and related offenses when the Pennsylvania State Police's Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement showed up Oct. 27 at 24 East Asian Bistro, 24 E. Third Street.  Police raided the restaurant after several residents and Bethlehem city police complained about lots of young people drinking at the eatery, said Paul Smith, state police enforcement officer supervisor.
Pennsylvania March 2017 Penn State cracks down on frats after drunk pledge was left to die in stairwell
Penn State University on Thursday announced a series of steps to curb underage drinking in the aftermath of a frat pledge’s death last month, including permanently banning the school’s Beta Theta Pi chapter, prohibiting kegs at parties and postponing Greek life recruitment until next spring. The school cited research indicating that fraternity and sorority members are four times more likely than their non-Greek affiliated counterparts to be heavy drinkers. Female students who join sororities are 50 percent more likely than other female students to be sexually assaulted, and fraternity members are 62 percent more likely to commit a sexual assault than other students.
Pennsylvania May 2017 ‘Fatal levels of alcohol’ likely caused Penn State student Timothy Piazza’s death, not internal bleeding from fall: DA
The cause of Penn State University student Timothy Piazza’s death isn’t official, but the District Attorney who holds jurisdiction over the university believes she knows what ended the 19-year-old’s life: excessive amounts of booze.Centre County DA, Stacy Parks Miller, said she believes “fatal levels of alcohol” caused Piazza’s death, which initially was believed to stem from a stairway fall resulting in traumatic brain injury, she told NBC’s “Today” Wednesday.
Pennsylvania July 2017 Lehigh University suspends fraternity where more than 40 underage drinking citations were issued
A Lehigh University fraternity written up for three incidents this spring - including one in which more than 40 students received citations for underage drinking - has lost its recognition.
Pennsylvania August 2017 Neighborhood Enforcement Alcohol Team' to relaunch as part of Greek monitoring
The "Neighborhood Enforcement Alcohol Team" (NEAT) is making a comeback as part of the university's announcement Monday about its Greek life regulation plan. NEAT, organized by the Penn State and State College police departments, puts officers together in pairs to patrol on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, focusing on alcohol, noise, and other disorderly conduct incidents. This year, NEAT plans to partner with Penn State Police's Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement.
Pennsylvania September 2017 About 80 underage drinking arrests at Lehigh in 3 weeks
Police charged 20 Lehigh University students with underage drinking last weekend, bringing the total arrests this year up to around 80. What particularly concerns local law enforcement and university officials is the life-threatening behavior of some of the offenders at the Bethlehem school. Five Lehigh students had to be hospitalized the weekend of Sept. 9-10 with dangerously high alcohol levels, according to Lehigh police Chief Edward Shupp. Their blood-alcohol contents were around 0.26 to 0.29, which is more than three times the legal limit to drive.
Pennsylvania September 2017 Man allegedly bit police officer
Police say a Penn State student bit an officer while resisting arrest late Friday night in downtown State College. According to a criminal complaint, at 11:47 p.m., State College Police responded to Bill Pickle's Tap Room for a report of a possible fake ID. Bar staff showed police a New Jersey driver's license that appeared valid, but the man who presented it was not who was pictured on the identification.
Pennsylvania September 2017 Police bust 56 Lehigh University students for underage drinking
Police say they've cited 56 Lehigh University students for underage drinking at a weekend party, and have already fielded dozens of drinking-related complaints from residents who live near campus. The school is continuing to crack down on drinking after four students nearly died and needed medical treatment for alcohol poisoning last school year.
Pennsylvania October 2017 Penn State fraternity faces underage drinking charges
A fraternity at Penn State University is facing charges of furnishing liquor to minors after two underage women were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Court records show Alpha Chi Rho is facing charges after allegedly serving the alcohol at a Sept. 28 fraternity house party. Police say the women were allowed to enter the party, and at no time were they asked for identification. Medical records show the women were later hospitalized.
Pennsylvania December 2017 Penn State officials showed a 'shocking apathy' to drinking, grand jury report finds
A grand jury's report following the drinking death of a Pennsylvania State University student says school officials showed "a shocking apathy" to a dangerous pattern of hazing and excessive alcohol consumption cultivated by fraternity life on campus. The report, released Friday by a Pennsylvania district attorney, recommends a number of changes that Penn State should undertake in the wake of the death of 19-year-old Tim Piazza in February.
Pennsylvania January 2018 Upper Darby cops troll kids who planned kegger
Party crashers don't hold a flame to the Upper Darby Police Department. The county's largest municipal police department got national attention in a tweet showing a police officer disrupting a soon-to-be underage drinking party by hauling away a keg of beer found in the woods. "Attn young people," the post starts out, "you might want to hold off on buying the red plastic cups for tonight's party behind the Aronimink Swim Club (aka the palace). There will probably be a lack of attendance now."
Pennsylvania February 2018 State Patty's Day keeps Police, EMS and Medical Center busy
Rain didn't dampen State Patty's Day on Saturday, or the problems that come with the student-created drinking holiday. State College Police Capt. Chris Fishel said on Saturday afternoon that the need for police and emergency medical service activity seems to be greater than a year ago. "Worse than last year, not as bad as a couple years ago though," Fishel said. Last year, State College Police made arrests or issued citations in 143 cases and responded to 471 calls between noon on Friday and noon on Sunday of State Patty's weekend. Centre LifeLink EMS responded to 95 calls during that period in 2017 and the medical center had 53-alcohol related cases.
Pennsylvania March 2018 Police break up disturbance in Indiana
State and local police broke up a crowd of about 300 people who clogged South Seventh Street in Indiana during IUPatty's festivities Saturday afternoon, officers reported this morning.  Troopers at Indiana including officers on horseback assisted Indiana Borough police to disperse a large, unruly gathering about 3 p.m.  Agents from the state police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, who also concentrated their efforts on and around the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, reported at least 25 arrests connected with IUPatty's partying.
Pennsylvania May 2018 14 Lehigh Valley bars, clubs cited under state liquor laws
The Pennsylvania Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement routinely inspects local restaurants, bars and clubs to make sure they enforce liquor laws. Penalties can range from $50 to $5,000, license suspensions or revocations as decided by an administrative law judge. The judge can potentially suspend or revoke a liquor license or mandate training as a result of a serious citation. At this point, the citations are only allegations. Each business will have an opportunity to defend itself at an upcoming hearing.
Rhode Island January 2013 Judge rules RI underage drinking law is constitutional: Serra found guilty
In Rhode Island Fourth District Court this afternoon, Judge Mary McCaffrey ruled that Rhode Island's Social Host Law is constitutional and that former Chariho School Committee member Terri Serra is guilty under the law as written.
South Carolina May 2016 14 cited at underage drinking party
The York County Sheriff's Office cited 14 people with underage drinking after breaking up a party in Fort Mill Saturday night. Neighbors say the party had a large turnout and the cars of teens lined Sherri Lane. York County deputies responded to a noise complaint. Upon further investigation, they realized they were dealing with an underage drinking party.
South Carolina May 2016 Cops make sure clerks ID alcohol sales
For Alcohol Awareness Month, there is a statewide campaign focusing on underage alcohol sales in order to keep it "out of their hands." The Greenville Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Task-force sent undercover teens into 30 gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets, to try and purchase alcohol. The teens were sold alcohol at two of those locations, where the clerks were cited and required to take retailer education courses.
South Carolina February 2017 15 businesses cited during underage alcohol sting in York County
Using underage people to check compliance, York County and South Carolina police issued 15 citations for violating alcohol laws Thursday night, police said. The York County Alcohol Enforcement Team that is made up of eight law enforcement agencies, working with agents from the State Law Enforcement Division, sent underage people into 104 locations, said Marvin Brown, commander of the unit.
South Carolina August 2017 Two Bluffton restaurants cited for serving underage drinkers
Two Bluffton restaurants were cited in an underage drinking sting led by the Bluffton Police Department Special Investigations Unit. The police department, along with South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, completed fifteen alcohol compliance checks at various businesses in Bluffton.
South Carolina February 2018 Underage Drinking my USC freshman tripled in Five Points, report says
The percentage of first-year University of South Carolina students drinking in bars - the vast majority underage - nearly tripled from 2012 to 2014, from 14 percent to 39 percent. That disturbing change was discussed in court Wednesday during a hearing on whether a Five Points bar, The Roost, should be given a permanent liquor license by the state. The permit for the bar, formerly known as Pour House and operating under a temporary license, is opposed by two University Hill neighborhood residents who claim Five Points partying is out of control and a danger to the students and nearby residents. The dramatic rise in underage drinking in bars - mostly in Five Points - was logged in a report funded by USC following the shooting of freshman Martha Childress in 2013. It was entitled "Time for Change."
South Carolina March 2018 Fake IDs flooding Five Points are 'impossible to detect'
Underage drinkers armed with fake IDs are the new norm in Five Points, according to interviews with students and bar managers.  "I don't know of anyone who doesn't have a fake, unless they lose it," said Sophia, a 19-year-old USC student who asked that her last name not be used. "And then they'll just ask friends if they can borrow one or use their duplicate." The trend might help explain the increasingly rowdy party scene that merchants and neighbors say is damaging the entertainment district.  It might also be a contributing factor to the spike in first-year USC students - the vast majority underage - who admitted to drinking in bars. Their ranks nearly tripled from 2012 to 2014, according to a new USC study, to 39 percent.
South Carolina April 2018 Judge denies liquor license for Columbia's Five Points Roost
An S.C. administrative law judge has ruled that the state should not extend the liquor license for The Roost, a late-night college bar in Five Points formerly known as Pour House.  Judge Deborah Durden ruled that the establishment, which reopened under its new name last year after being closed by its owner at the urging of Columbia police, could not continue to operate under a temporary license.  The judge said that the bar at 800 Harden St. strained the resources of local law enforcement, contributed to underage drinking and would be a "nuisance" to the community.
South Carolina April 2018 We bought fake IDs for underage students. Here's why
I never imagined that one day I would wire $120 cash to someone in China to buy fake driver's licenses in the name of journalism.  But that's what happened, and the product we received was so authentic, it left local liquor store owners wondering what to do next.  "Wow," said Fred Alverson, the "son" in Jimmy and Son's Liquor Store on Rosewood Drive, as he ran our fake IDs through his scanner on a recent Thursday. "I thought the ID scanner was foolproof, but clearly it's not."
South Dakota December 2017 Addressing underage drinking
After seeing a sharp increase over the past few years in underage consumptions by people between the ages of 18-20, the Watertown Police Department, along with several local organizations, are trying to do something about it. Statistics released by the Watertown Police Department show a 57 percent increase of underage consumptions by young adults between the ages of 18 and 20 from 2014. The total number of underage consumptions among 18 to 20 year-olds is 258 so far in 2017 - the highest it's been in the last 10 years. In 2014, that number was 164.
Tennessee May 2013 Police charge two store clerks for sale of alcohol to minors
Dyersburg Police were assisted by the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission as they conducted the operation on Thursday, April 25, where investigators checked 14 businesses.
Tennessee August 2013 Cumberland Avenue merchants held fake ID detection training session
The Metropolitan Drug Commission (MDC) hosted a special fake ID training at Goal Post Tavern for 37 servers, bartenders and bouncers on The Strip.
Tennessee October 2013 Kingsport restaurants face fines in beer sting
A dozen people have appeared in Kingsport court during the past week for allegedly selling alcohol to underage customers, while the businesses where they work face fines and potential loss of beer permits.
Tennessee October 2013 Three Jonesborough businesses in trouble for selling alcohol to minors
Authorities cited employees at the trio of businesses after they each allegedly sold alcohol to a 20-year-old undercover informant.
Tennessee March 2014 Five Chattanooga businesses charged with failing to comply with alcohol law
Five area businesses failed when the Chattanooga Police Department Regulatory Bureau, along with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Hamilton County Coalition, conducted compliance checks at 12 area businesses March 13.
Tennessee April 2014 10 businesses cited for selling alcohol to an under aged buyer
The Chattanooga Police Department said 10 of 18 businesses checked on Tuesday sold alcohol to an under-aged buyer and have been cited to appear before the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
Tennessee April 2014 Tazewell shows decline in businesses selling alcohol to minors
Local law enforcement partnered with agents of Tennessee's Alcoholic Beverage Commission in 2012 and since has been conducting routine checks to see if businesses will sell or serve alcohol to minors.
Tennessee February 2015 Clarksville Police Department releases Alcoholic Beverage Commission Operation results from January 23rd, 2014
On January 23rd, 2015, the Alcohol Beverage Control Agents (ABC) of the Clarksville Police Department's Special Operations Unit conducted operations targeting sales of alcohol to underage persons
Tennessee April 2017 Ruth's Chris Steak House loses beer license for three days after serving Michelob to decoys
Expect to get carded at Ruth's Chris Steak House near Chattanooga's Hamilton Place shopping mall. That's the new policy at the upscale franchise steak house, after a waitress served one Michelob, each, to two underage decoys during a March 19 sting operation. Because of the violation, the Chattanooga Beer Board voted 5-2 at its meeting Thursday to suspend beer sales for three days at Ruth's Chris Steak House starting May 4.
Tennessee July 2017 New Tennessee driver's license to help crack down on underage drinking
A new law set to go into effect next year in Tennessee aims to crack down on underage drinking.
Texas December 2012 Underage Drinking During The Holidays
Captain Mark Menn with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says no matter what time of year it is they always crack down on people or businesses selling alcohol to minors. "During Christmas time we don't have any specific focus initiative going on, but we are always investigating complaints that we get regarding any of our license premises that might be serving alcohol to minor selling it whether that's stores restaurants nightclubs whatever," Menn said.
Texas April 2013 ABLE and APD investigate businesses for alcohol compliance
Ardmore police and ABLE--or the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission--found that 14 Ardmore businesses out of the 49 they visited today sold alcohol to minors.
Texas July 2013 Sip on this
Many law enforcement agencies in this area and agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission send minors posing as underage drinkers (under the legal drinking age of 21) into local stores to see if store clerks would sell alcohol to these "underage drinkers."
Texas August 2013 TABC agents warn students about fake IDs
The official start of classes at the University of Texas and other local colleges and universities isn't until next week. However 6th Street businesses and agents with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission aren't waiting until then to send a warning to returning students about the risk of using fake IDs.
Texas August 2013 TABC warns college students of consequences of using fake ID
"It's very important that the young people know that it's not just a simple matter of obtaining a fake ID and trying to buy alcohol. There are a lot of potential pitfalls in that."
Texas October 2013 Buffalo Wild Wings bartender jailed for serving alcohol to a minor
An undercover agent allegedly sat back and watched sales taking place but noticed Flores selling a Shiner Bock beer to someone who appeared to be an underage minor in a fluorescent green shirt.
Texas October 2013 Three Miami County liquor licensees have been cited by the Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control agency for selling liquor to underage people.
"We went to 20 locations and three of them in Alvin sold," Sgt. Burger said. "We are allowed to use minors. Our minor was 16-years-old and was accompanied by two undercover agents at all times."
Texas November 2013 Beaumont bar's liquor license suspended, facing legal action
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission cited the business for serving alcohol to a minor in February. The TABC says The West knowingly served 19-year-old Sarah Comstock alcohol even though she is underage.
Texas February 2014 7 ETX stores cited for selling alcohol to minors during recent sting
Partnering with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and supported by Longview Partners in Prevention and Longview Police Department conducted off - premise minor stings in Longview, Gregg County, Texas to validate compliance with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and Texas State Law.
Texas February 2014 Cinemark Bistro employee among arrests in undercover alcohol to minor sting
An undercover sting ended with employees at four popular restaurants all being arrested for selling alcohol to a minor.
Texas March 2014 TABC Checks for Alcohol-Related Offenses
As college students trickle in, agents will crank up the efforts to curb underage drinking.
Texas December 2014 Fake IDs Could Spell Major Trouble
Both the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Austin Police Department say that the use of fake identification by minors is rising in popularity. Students at The University of Texas at Austin claim to mainly use their cards to either purchase alcohol or gain entry into downtown clubs on Sixth Street.
Texas April 2016 Texas Alcohol Sting Found Most Sites Did Not Sell To Minors
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission operation ran February 23 through March 15, with nearly 1,500 TABC-licensed businesses visited. Officials targeted retailers along travel corridors between major Texas cities and the Gulf Coast. The TABC announced 92 percent of retailers declined to sell to anyone underage during the stings.
Texas May 2016 Lawsuit accusing The Ranch of facilitating underage drinking which resulted in a drunk driving crash
A law firm has filed a $10,000,000 law suit against 'The Ranch' apartment complex's owner, CPP Lubbock and management (Homestead U), for knowingly allowing alcoholic beverages to be served to a minor during a pool party on their property. The lawsuit states that the alcoholic beverages consumed by the minor (17), contributed to her intoxication which caused the injuries and death of Liandro Garcia (47).
Texas July 2016 Mother, son arrested for hosting drug-filled underage drinking party, police say
Friendswood police said they arrested a 38-year-old mother and her 20-year-old son, among others, for hosting an raucous, underage drinking house party on July 7. Around 2 a.m., an officer was on patrol in the Analea subdivision when he noticed what appeared to be a disturbance in the front yard of a house in the 500 block of Stadium Lane. It allegedly turned out to be an underage drinking party, and the officer said he saw drugs and alcohol paraphernalia in the garage, which was open.
Texas September 2016 TABC cracks down on retailers selling alcohol to minors
School is in session and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is out looking for retailers who sell alcohol to minors. Each year the TABC conducts a back to school undercover operation in towns with large college populations. During the sting, undercover TABC agents escort the minor into a location where he or she will attempt to buy alcohol with a teen drivers license.
Texas October 2016 TABC Sting Targets Underage Alcohol Sales in North Texas
A Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission undercover sting Thursday afternoon targeted underage alcohol sales in North Texas.  "To make sure they're selling responsibly, not selling to underage minors," said TABC Sgt. Matthew Kelso. TABC agents say on average they bust 10 percent of the businesses targeted in a sting. The focus is safety.  "When you're talking about teenagers - minors - not only are they inexperienced operators of a vehicle," explained Kelso. "Add in alcohol and you've got an extremely dangerous, deadly situation."
Texas October 2016 TABC: Alcohol retailers near colleges meeting standards
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said Monday stores around the state were meeting compliance standards with regard to the selling of alcohol to minors. As part of a statewide operation that coincided with the return of students to universities and colleges across the state, the TABC released findings Monday that showed a 90 percent compliance rate statewide, according to a news release. "Overall, we're pleased with the results of this year's operation, which shows that the majority of retailers are taking their responsibilities seriously," TABC Director of Field Operations Chief Robert Saenz said.
Texas December 2016 Council approves social host ordinance to crack down on underage drinking
El Paso City Council Tuesday approved a civil social host ordinance making it illegal to provide an environment where underage drinking takes place, regardless of who provides the alcohol. Police officers arriving at parties where alcohol is being served to minors say it can be difficult to determine who is responsible. With social host liability, the focus will shift to where the drinking takes place. Police said the person who provided the alcohol will also be held accountable, but in some cases, it is difficult to track that person down.
Texas March 2017 Port Aransas Police ready for Spring Break crowds
The kick off to the major Spring Break weekend is just a week away. Law officers in Port Aransas tell us they are ready for the crowds. Port Aransas police tell us they will be receiving help from many state agencies including Texas Parks & Wildlife, DPS, and the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. That agency will be conducting bar checks to guard against underage drinking.
Texas March 2017 TABC sting operations to oversee alcohol sales
Extra security measures are in place on South Padre Island. The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission is making sure establishments are following the law. Sting operations are being conducted during the spring break holiday. Lt. Mario Villarreal of the TABC is in charge of the operations. The purpose of the stings is to find out if businesses are following the law and refusing service to underage minors.
Texas August 2017 TABC steps up enforcement as start of school gets closer
Agents with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are out in force this month. Their objective is to make sure bars, restaurants and stores that are licensed to sell alcohol are following the law. Part of that is ensuring these businesses don't sell to minors- which they monitor through undercover stings. These are taking place more frequently as the start of school gets closer.
Texas March 2018 TABC launches campaign to reduce underage drinking over Spring Break
Students across the state will soon be out of school for Spring Break. In an effort to lessen underage drinking during this time, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is launching a statewide campaign to identify retailers who sell alcohol to minors. The agency says undercover TABC agents will go into establishments with minor-aged individuals to try to buy alcohol from the retailer.
Texas April 2018 Texas officials: Delivery apps becoming gateway for underage drinking
The convenience of ordering a cold six-pack for home delivery with just a few swipes on a smartphone might be proving particularly satisfying for one demographic group - underage drinkers.  In a handful of sting operations conducted by Texas regulators, people younger than the legal drinking age of 21 were able to obtain alcohol using app-based delivery services at more than twice the rate generally found in similar sting operations conducted in bars and liquor stores.
Utah November 2012 Survey: Utah has lowest rate of underage drinking
Utah has the nation's lowest rate of underage drinking, and it's not even close. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found 14.3 percent of Utah residents between the ages of 12 and 20 drank liquor in the previous month.
Utah March 2013 Big fines proposed to curb underage drinking trend in Utah restaurants
Undercover stings show Utah restaurants serving alcohol to minors at an alarming rate, according to a state lawmaker who intends to reverse what he sees as a growing trend.
Utah June 2013 Report shows binge drinking prevalent among underage drinkers in Utah
Utah has some of the strictest alcohol laws in the country, but according to a new report, Utah teens who drink tend to engage in binge drinking more than their peers in other states.
Utah December 2013 Holiday campaign warns Utahns to keep alcohol away from children
Utahns who buy wine, beer and spirits for the holidays can expect to get an extra holiday greeting - signs and posters reminding them to keep kids alcohol-free.
Utah January 2014 Undercover visits mean less underage drinking in Utah
End-of-year statistics from the State Bureau of Investigations showed Utah restaurants served underage buyers during 16 percent of their undercover visits. Those numbers are an improvement from 2012, when underage buyers were served during 29 percent of the bureau's secret visits.
Vermont May 2013 Rasputin's liquor license suspended for a month
Department of Liquor Control dishes out license suspensions to downtown bars for service violations
Vermont April 2017 Liquor enforcement stepped up at resorts
Healthy Lamoille Valley is partnering with the state Department of Liquor Control to step up annual spring patrols at Stowe Mountain and Smugglers’ Notch Resorts. Skyer Genest of the liquor control agency has spoken with officials at both resorts about how these increased patrols help create a more positive environment for youth. The purpose of the patrols is to prevent underage alcohol use as the weather warms, and youths may be tempted to drink at the end of a fun day on the mountain.
Vermont October 2017 Department of Liquor Control launches 'Operation Prevent'
Over a recent weekend, the Vermont Department of Liquor Control's Compliance and Enforcement Division kicked off "Operation Prevent" in the Greater Burlington Area. The goal of this effort is to prevent individuals who are under 21-years-old from obtaining and consuming beverage alcohol. In the first weekend of the operation over 400 fake or otherwise fraudulent IDs were seized by Liquor Control Investigators and partnering licensed establishments. Based on interviews with users these seized IDs cost them approximately $100 each so over $40,000 in fake IDs were seized.
Vermont January 2018 High-tech scanner helps Vermont Liquor Control bust phony IDs
The Department of Liquor Control has collected more than 800 fake IDs since introducing a new high-tech detection scanner at bars and stores, mostly around the Burlington area. The department received a grant to purchase 12 of the machines, which include a scanner and a sophisticated software program that matches the phony IDs against information from official state IDs. Skyler Genest, Vermont Department of Liquor Control's director of compliance and enforcement, says as states introduce more and more technologies to prevent fraudulent IDs, counterfeiters are improving their own methods.
Vermont February 2018 Underage drinking party cut short
Shortly after midnight on Sunday, 55 high school students from New Jersey were caught at an underage drinking party and sober parents were called to pick them up. "It was explained by a parent that it's a 'rite of passage,'" Vermont State Police Sgt. Ryan Wood told the Reformer. The teenagers were 16 to 18 years old, Ryan said, estimating that hundreds of beers and dozens of liters of liquor had been poured down the sink under the supervision of state troopers.
Vermont March 2018 An effort to fight the growing number of fake ID's
In an effort to fight the growing number of fake ID's, Vermont has received new technology to better detect fakes.  "The amount of fake ID's we've been finding throughout the state, they're numerous and they're very, very good," said Sgt. Andy Thibault.  Sgt. Thibault is with the Vermont Department of Liquor Control. He says fake ID's have been found in bars, restaurants and even grocery stores.  To help identify the fakes -- The Vermont Department of Health gave money to the state to help purchase high tech ID scanning equipment. The machines can detect any differences between real and fake ID's, and can tell if it's gone through more than once.
Virginia April 2013 ABC launches Operation Charlottesville
The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control recently decided to increase enforcement measures around the University, and their new policies have the potential to affect students all around Grounds.
Virginia August 2013 Project Sticker Shock-Teens attempt to discourage underage drinking
Youth leaders from the CHILL (Communities Helping Improve Local Lives) Youth Task Force and the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control are combating the problem of underage drinking.
Virginia September 2013 Operation Underage Buyer considered a success
The operation is part of a larger scheme of educational initiatives and checks to help ensure the safety of children as school activities and gatherings resume next week, Captain Lisa Wright said.
Virginia December 2013 Fake ID Ring Busted in Charlottesville
Authorities raided the house Monday night, collecting evidence through Tuesday. They found $200,000 in cash and multiple firearms, including a high-power assault rifle.
Virginia March 2014 ABC awards 5 grants for alcohol education at college campuses
The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control recently awarded five mini grants for alcohol education and enforcement initiatives on Virginia college and university campuses.
Virginia July 2014 Hundreds of teens gather for ABC teen leadership conference
YADAPP is a youth-led program that empowers teens to become involved in preventing underage drinking and keeping their communities drug free. This year 36 youth leaders, 24 junior leaders and five interns are guiding the 86 teams - composed of nearly 350 rising ninth through twelfth grade high school students - and nearly 90 adult sponsors during engaging workshops, special presentations, brainstorming sessions and networking opportunities.
Virginia August 2014 ABC data shows teen drinking citations spike when school gets back
For law enforcement, the beginning of the school year is a reminder that it's always a good time to warn teens about the dangers of alcohol.
Virginia August 2014 CHILL helps out in fight against underage drinking
The project represents a partnership between youth, licensed establishments, concerned parents and community members, prevention professionals, and law enforcement with the goal of educating adults about the underage laws and raising public awareness about underage drinking.
Virginia November 2014 VA ABC Plans College Tour
The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is going to college campuses around the state to talk to students and others about preventing alcohol and drug abuse. The tour will begin Oct. 24 at James Madison University. The conference is free to all college students.
Virginia December 2016 Police bust Chesterfield clerks selling alcohol to minors
In the past three weeks, officials have gone undercover in at least 100 Chesterfield stores, to make sure that clerks are following the law when it comes to alcohol sales.  The Chesterfield Police Department has been working with Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control, and the organization Substance Abuse Free Environment (SAFE), who have sent underage students into stores. They said that 18 different times, they found that clerks sold to minors -- a misdemeanor crime.
Virginia May 2017 Chesterfield Police bust businesses selling alcohol to underage drinkers
Police are cracking down on businesses selling alcohol to underage drinkers. A recent sting by Chesterfield Police netted more than a dozen violations in just one day. ABC Agent David Huff says in six out of 10 cases when alcohol is sold to a minor, the young person presented a valid ID with their real age - and still got away with the booze.
Virginia September 2017 ABC undercover operation sweeps in to Ferrum
More than a year ago, Ferrum College got a stark reminder of drinking's lethal hazards. Authorities called to a Union Road home April 17, 2016, found student Michael Anthony Walker, 20, unresponsive. He died eight days later after spending a week at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. A toxicologist testified that Walker's blood-alcohol level was 0.268 percent, more than three times the legal limit to drive in Virginia. "We don't want that to happen again," said Mark Scott, a special agent with Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control.
Virginia October 2017 ABC undercover agents crack down on fake IDs
Virginia's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has partnered with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and the Rocky Mount Police Department on an enforcement operation that has long been in the making.Four local restaurants and four convenience stores asked for help and were involved in the Ferrum College Community Project. Each of the businesses participating had gone through advanced training prior to the operation.
Virginia January 2018 Underage buyers help hold Virginia bars and restaurants accountable
While some teenagers spend their time trying, often unsuccessfully, to buy beer, there are several Virginia teens getting paid to do so. They're usually high schoolers, but they're tasked with a tall order: Hold bars, stores and restaurants accountable for selling of alcohol to minors. That's the purpose of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's Underage Buyer Program - an initiative launched in the 1990s that employs underage teenagers to try to buy alcohol.
Wahington February 2018 'Vertical' license? Some Yakima Valley merchants say 'No beer for you'
For the uninitiated (aka the older crowd), bars, restaurants and other related businesses often refuse to serve alcohol to 21-year-olds who lack a standard driver's license, meaning one with a horizontal layout. They also frequently don't accept alternative identification, such as a passport. While understandably frustrating for those newly christened 21-year olds who still have their vertical license, it's perfectly legal for restaurants and bars to not serve alcohol to them based on the type of ID they produce.businesses often refuse to serve alcohol to 21-year-olds who lack a standard driver's license, meaning one with a horizontal layout. They also frequently don't accept alternative identification, such as a passport.
Washington February 2013 MLPD trains in underage drinking prevention
Local law enforcement attended an underage drinking enforcement training Wednesday in Moses Lake. The training allowed about a dozen officers the opportunity to ask questions about underage drinking enforcement. Members of the prosecutor's office as well as the Liquor Control Board assisted with the training.
Washington May 2013 Alcohol amnesty for minors law signed
Underage drinkers urged to get aid for friends, selves
Washington June 2013 Eight Businesses Busted For Serving Minors Alcohol in Sammamish and Klahanie
Forty-one percent of Sammamish businesses failed the compliance check
Washington October 2013 Liquor license suspensions for two Walmart stores
The store's liquor license was suspended for five days because the state said it sold booze to a 19-year-old. Shopper Kelly Gould said, "If they're not checking ID, there's gotta be something wrong."
Washington January 2014 Ferndale Cost Cutter liquor license suspended for 10 days
The Cost Cutter grocery store on LaBounty Drive has had its liquor license suspended for 10 days for selling vodka to a minor, according to the Washington State Liquor Control Board.
Washington January 2014 Major liquor store dinged for selling booze to a minor
The big-box booze retailer Bevmo will make no sales Monday at one of its Seattle locations after the Liquor Control Board cited the store for selling to a minor.
Washington March 2014 Five Sunnyside businesses cited for underage alcohol sales
Five businesses sold alcohol to minors during a recent sting in Sunnyside, police say. Sunnyside police and officers from the state Liquor Control Board conducted the compliance check last week at 43 establishments.
Washington November 2016 Washington State U. fraternities, sororities ban social activities over alcohol
Two weeks after a student was found dead in a fraternity house bedroom, Washington State University's fraternities and sororities on Monday night voluntarily banned all Greek social events well into next year in an attempt to tackle widespread alcohol abuse and injuries.
Washington February 2017 Administrator to Pacific Northwest social group arrested for supplying alcohol to minors
Snohomish County sheriff's deputies and an ambulance were called to a Stanwood home that law enforcement said was center stage for a party where 150 to 200 minors consumed alcohol and smoked marijuana Friday night.  According to social media posts, the party was supposed to last 48 hours at a private residence on 10 acres in Snohomish County. People were told to bring their own drinks and drugs and that "cops can't legally come onto the property without a warrant."
Washington D.C. March 2014 Town Liquors Shut Down for 10 Days
Town Liquors has been shut down by the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for serving to minors. Because of the violation, the board also fined the business $5,000.
West Virginia June 2013 Underage sting nets 21 Raleigh stores and bars
Officers from Beckley Police Department, Raleigh County Sheriff's Department and the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration went undercover to accompany underage buyers into 72 establishments during the sting.
West Virginia November 2014 Underage alcohol buys reported in Mingo, Logan
One local establishment in Williamson and three in neighboring Logan County are allegedly guilty of selling alcohol to underage patrons during a joint investigation between the West Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) and the West Virginia State Police (WVSP).
West Virginia December 2014 Area agencies work together to prevent underage drinking
Community Connections, Inc. is partnering with the West Virginia State Police, local law enforcement agencies, and the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration to help keep area youth alcohol free.
West Virginia January 2015 Putnam Co. Businesses and Organizations Recognized For Fighting Underage Drinking
The Putnam Wellness Coalition recognized the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, Sheriff Steve Deweese and the entire Putnam County Sheriff's Department and several businesses who did not sell alcohol to minors during compliance check.
West Virginia February 2015 Businesses cited for underage alcohol sales
Craig Shelton, enforcement supervisor with the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, said in a news release that enforcement agencies working together can have a positive impact on limiting underage access to alcohol.
West Virginia May 2016 16 businesses accused of selling alcohol to under-21
Of the 82 establishments visited during the sting, 16 sold alcohol to someone under 21 years old, according to Paul Blume of the Beckley Police Department. Blume said officers from the Beckley Police Department and the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office and agents from the state's Alcohol Beverage Control Administration accompanied underage buyers into local establishments at which time the underage buyer attempted to purchase alcohol using his or her actual identification, which stated the buyer was under 21.
West Virginia June 2016 16 businesses accused of selling alcohol to under-21
Of the 82 establishments visited during the sting, 16 sold alcohol to someone under 21 years old, according to Paul Blume of the Beckley Police Department. Blume said officers from the Beckley Police Department and the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office and agents from the state's Alcohol Beverage Control Administration accompanied underage buyers into local establishments at which time the underage buyer attempted to purchase alcohol using his or her actual identification, which stated the buyer was under 21.
West Virginia June 2016 Charleston Police conduct underage compliance checks
Charleston Police are working to make sure alcohol doesn't get into the wrong hands this summer. On Tuesday, CPD along with the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration conducted a compliance check on convenience stores throughout the city. Out of the 20 establishments that they visited, seven sold to an underage operative. That is a 35 percent buy rate.
West Virginia July 2016 Nine stores, bars cited for selling alcohol to minors
Nine of 29 Cabell County bars and convenience stores checked by law enforcement officers this month sold alcohol to minors, according to information released this week by the Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership. Citations were issued to all bartenders and sales clerks who sold alcohol to underage operatives, according to Craig Shelton, ABCA enforcement supervisor. He called the compliance checks a "perfect example of local and state law enforcement agencies in Cabell County working together to reduce underage drinking."
West Virginia March 2017 8 Raleigh County businesses cited in underage alcohol sting
Law enforcement in Raleigh County along with agents with Alcohol Beverage Control conducted an underage alcohol sting on 88 establishments. A total of eight businesses were cited. The clerks/ servers who sold the alcohol face charges and the businesses could face additional penalties from ABCA.
West Virginia October 2017 More than 20 charged in Morgantown following fake ID operation
The Morgantown Police Department has cited 23 people for providing false identification in a multi-agency operation this weekend. The Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (ABCA) worked in conjunction with city police to conduct the operation, which will result a $500 fine and a mandatory suspension of driving privileges.
West Virginia November 2017 Four Putnam County stores cited for underage alcohol sales
Four businesses are being cited after a compliance check conducted by the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration. Putnam County Sheriff's Deputies recently conducted checks with the West Virginia ABCA on convenience stores, restaurants and bars throughout Putnam County. Out of the 19 places visited, four of them sold to an underage operative. That's a 21 percent buy rate.
West Virginia April 2018 Citations issued to salesclerks, bartenders after underage Charleston alcohol sting
Charleston police said recent underage compliance checks throughout the city determined that salesclerks and bartenders at half of the evaluated establishments sold alcohol to an underage person.  During April, the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration and Charleston Police Department conducted the compliance checks on 26 establishments, according to a news release from Charleston police. Thirteen sold to an underage operative.
Wisconsin November 2016 Parent beats ticket over teens drinking at party
In a case that could require changes to dozens of local "social host" ordinances aimed at combatting underage drinking, a split Court of Appeals has ruled that such laws can't extend to a private residence.  The decision reverses a $1,000 fine for one parent who held a high school graduation party where underage guests were caught drinking in 2015. The Court of Appeals agreed with Stuart Muche that Fond du Lac County's "social host" ordinance was invalid because it was broader and tougher than the state statute, which the court found does not extend to a private residence.
Wisconsin June 2017 State Patrol plans to crack down on underage drinking at Country USA
The stage is nearly set, and the RV's are lined up with people anxious for Country USA to kick off Tuesday. Thirty thousand fans are expected to come each of the five days.  But this year, there's a new initiative to crack down on underage drinking.
Wisconsin November 2017 Green Bay Police Department once again conducting proactive alcohol compliance checks
After a six year hiatus, the Green Bay Police Department is back conducting proactive liquor license compliance checks throughout the city. During that span, police continued complaint-based checks, but recent numbers have one Green Bay Council Member hoping the proactive approach continues. As of Wednesday, there are 253 liquor licenses in the City of Green Bay. Green Bay Police's most recent proactive alcohol compliance check, completed weeks ago, resulted in a 26.9 percent failure rate. Of 115 establishments, 31 of them failed, meaning they sold alcohol to underage people.
Wyoming May 2013 Seven businesses warned for failing alcohol compliance checks
Nearly half of all businesses visited by the Laramie Police Department on May 17 for alcohol compliance checks failed.
Wyoming August 2017 Crime levels at Cheyenne Frontier Days typical compared to past years
Cheyenne law enforcement officers say this year's Cheyenne Frontier Days was pretty typical when it came to crime rates. But a crackdown on underage drinking at Frontier Park this year yielded results, said Cheyenne Police Department Spokesman Kevin Malatesta. Officers issued 95 citations for underage drinking, 10 for using fake IDs and seven for providing alcohol to a minor, Malatesta said
Wyoming August 2017 UW requests more officers to work football games