Members Section
Justin Nordhorn - NLLEA President

Dear NLLEA Members,

I am honored to represent the NLLEA as the 2017-18 Executive Board President. I would like to thank my fellow board members, past presidents, and NLLEA staff for all their strong leadership, hard work, and dedication to making this association a continued success. It is truly a team effort, and I thank all NLLEA members for trusting me to represent the association as President.

As we move through this year, we will continue to build partnerships, share information, and provide training and assistance to NLLEA members. We will encounter new challenges with changes in how businesses sell alcohol, how states create and adapt regulations, and how alcohol law enforcement will be engaged in legalization of cannabis in more and more states. By partnering together, we can develop best practices that protect public safety and ensure license integrity in the communities we serve. This type of work is evident in NLLEA efforts to support alcohol law enforcement, such as source investigations, impaired driving crackdown initiatives, and training local law enforcement about the role and importance of alcohol law enforcement in protecting public safety.

As President, I would like to work with the Executive Board and other members to update the NLLEA strategic plan. I believe strategic planning is a critical component and it is the foundation for continued success with public safety priorities, such as our initiatives with Place of Last Drink (POLD) reporting.  As a key priority, NLLEA will be continuing our efforts working on an online system to help capture POLD information on a local, state, and eventually national level. By collecting POLD data, law enforcement agencies can more effectively use resources to identify problem establishments and respond to community concerns. NLLEA will be working with a select number of interested member agencies to collect POLD data on a regular basis from state and local law enforcement agencies. The data can then be used by these same law enforcement agencies to focus limited resources to conduct enforcement and educational operations to reduce over service in licensed establishments. We look forward to partnering with our members on this continued initiative and sharing results of the program with you.

On behalf of this year’s Executive Board, Robert Kracyla, Greg Croft, Donia Amick, James Jones, and myself, I would like to thank you for your continued support and assistance. Your membership helps the NLLEA continue to offer important services such as weekly enforcement news, access to key alcohol law enforcement contacts throughout the country, and professional development and training programs. These programs include the annual conference, regional trainings, and a national training symposium.

We are stronger when we share ideas and experiences. I encourage all members to reach out to and engage with the NLLEA. If you have ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the members on the Executive Board or NLLEA staff. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Justin Nordhorn
2017 – 2018 President