Past Award Recipients - 2003

Congratulations to all of the 2003 NLLEA award recipients!


INFOLiquor Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

  • John C. Welborn, Jr., Assistant Director, Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control, East Baton Rouge Parish

Youth access to alcohol at the point of sale remains a major concern of communities throughout the country. The utilization of fake IDs continue to make it difficult for retailers to distinguish between a legal and illegal purchase. Mr. Welborn received the NLLEA’s Liquor Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award for his idea of copyrighting the Louisiana driver’s license, thereby making it possible to close down fake ID websites by using copyright law. The US Patent Office has recently granted Louisiana a copyright of the Capitol building drawing used on its driver’s licenses, making it possible for Mr. Welborn’s innovation to be implemented.

INFOLiquor Law Enforcement Agency of the Year

  • The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)

Building partnerships and collaboration among various government and community-based agencies and organizations has helped Texas address the number one problem of youth alcohol consumption – drinking and driving. The TABC received the NLLEA’s Liquor Law Enforcement Agency of the Year Award for its use of innovative law enforcement and education programs in an effort to target underage drinking, impaired driving and illegal alcoholic beverage sales. The programs include dramatizing alcohol-related crashes through a day-long “docu-drama” played out for high school students, and initiating college campus coalitions to prevent underage drinking.

INFOJohn W. Britt Community Service Award

  • Lieutenant Greg Hopkins and the Tacoma Police Department

Innovative policy change, restricting hours of operation, and limiting access to alcohol in problem neighborhoods or sections of a community where over-consumption of alcohol has proven to be a problem are effective strategies in reducing problem drinking. The Tacoma Police Department, led by Lt. Greg Hopkins, successfully petitioned the Washington State Liquor Control Board to designate the downtown Tacoma area as the first Alcohol Impact Area (AIA) in the state of Washington. The AIA designation gives local jurisdictions more time to review liquor license applications and renewals, and to have more control over what types of alcohol are sold, and when it is sold.

INFOInnovative Liquor Law Enforcement Program of the Year

  • California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)

Young people seeking to purchase alcohol continue to find new ways to “beat the system.” Shoulder tapping is one such strategy. Shoulder tapping consists of an underage youth approaching an adult and asking the adult to purchase alcohol for the youth. The California ABC received the NLLEA’s Innvovative Liquor Law Enforcement Program of the Year Award for its implementation of the Decoy Shoulder Tap Program, which targets persons who furnish alcohol to minor decoys outside licensed alcohol outlets.

INFOHonorary Award for Excellent Commitment to NLLEA

  • Assistant Director Tommy Marvell Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission

The NLLEA presented Tommy Marvell with this award on Saturday evening, September 20th at the Banquet for his extraordinary dedication and contributions to the NLLEA.