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Annual NLLEA Awards are given in four categories. Nominees for any category must meet one or more of the required criteria for that category. The deadline for the 2024 awards nominations is June 14, 2024. To submit an award nomination, please fill out the nomination form.

NLLEA Award Categories

Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency of the Year
Demonstrated agency effectiveness
Implementation of innovative programs
Community or Media Recognition
Model training programs
Other model programs or practices (e.g., Grants for Special Programs, Task Forces, etc.)

Alcohol Law Enforcement Agent of the Year
Demonstrated act of heroism or bravery
Recognition by peers, local community and/or media
Demonstrated creativity (e.g., innovative idea or program development)
Other, including any acts or deeds which enhance the image of the law enforcement agency or that of law enforcement in general

Innovative Alcohol Law Enforcement Program of the Year
Demonstrated effective program
Recognition of program by outside sources such as other law enforcement agencies, the local community or media
Other factors demonstrating efficiency of program, fiscal savings, and/or a resonating campaign such as “Don’t mess with Texas”

John W. Britt Community Service Award (John Britt, a former Deputy Director for Operations for the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division died unexpectedly in 1995. He was a Charter Member and Past President of the NLLEA. This award is given in his memory.)

Non-enforcement organization or agency that made a significant contribution to the efforts of liquor and/or tobacco law enforcement
An innovative and effective program or service for tobacco and/of liquor law enforcement
Significant support provided to the NLLEA or an ABC which has enhanced liquor enforcement efforts

Past Award Recipients