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To better serve our members' training needs, the NLLEA has created a professional development & training program formatted to provide member agencies with regional training opportunities that makes current and practical alcohol law enforcement training more logistically and fiscally feasible. The different options are outlined below; review to see which best meets your agency's needs.

NLLEA Professional Development Symposium

Our annual, week-long symposium provides core courses focused on the fundamental foundation areas of alcohol law enforcement and sessions that explore the changing challenges and demands faced by alcohol law enforcement agencies. The symposium courses improve the specialized knowledge and professional skills of alcohol law enforcement officers, whether new to the field or seasoned professionals. Each year's symposium is revised and adapted to meet current trends and needs of our member agencies, addressing our most-requested training areas.

Association-Sponsored Regional Training Seminars

These one- to two-day trainings provide area law enforcement professionals with practical and comprehensive training on a specific enforcement topic, enhancing attendees' skills and providing examples of pragmatic responses to alcohol-related incidences. Sponsored in varying locations through-out the year, our regional seminars are intended to provide more accessible training throughout the United States and Canada, bringing together members from multiple agencies and states.

Customized Training Seminars

Upon request, trainings can be conducted for individual agencies, tailored to meet the agency's specific needs. NLLEA will work with your timeline and budget to customize a training for your state or agency.

If you are interested in the NLLEA coming to your area, please contact Carrie Christofes, Executive Director at or by phone at 724.762.5939

Possible Training Topics Include:

  • Underage alcohol compliance checks
  • Sales to intoxicated persons (SIP) enforcement operations
  • Source Investigations
  • Working with colleges/universities
  • Place of last drink data in alcohol enforcement operations (POLD)
  • Fake IDs
  • Media advocacy/working with the media
  • Collecting and utilizing law enforcement data
  • Retailer training
  • 3rd party transactions (e.g., shoulder tap operations)
  • Party prevention
  • Illegal video gambling
  • Illegal traditional gambling
  • Hidden ownership investigations
  • Trade Practices
  • Social networking & cyber space investigations
  • Bar inspections & warrantless searches
  • Investigating nuisance establishments
  • Special events enforcement
  • Illegal manufacturing of alcohol
  • Undercover operations
  • Intelligence Gathering and Sharing

About Our Instructors

All of the NLLEA's professional development & training program instructors are seasoned professionals, and most are career alcohol law enforcement agents. The NLLEA selects instructors that are active in the field, experiencing the current challenges and changes faced by alcohol law enforcement agencies, bringing practical solutions to the classroom. All instructors have former training experience, often serving as trainers for their state.  The NLLEA chooses each instructor carefully, ensuring that their expertise matches the focus of the training modules. Interested in becoming an NLLEA instructor? Contact Carrie Christofes, Executive Director at or by phone at 724.762.5939.


"Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing training class. Your instructors were awesome, very good knowledge of the issues we needed and kept the class involved in the training class. If you asked me to rate them from 1-10 with 10 being the best I'd give them a 12!"

Senior Police Officer Craig J Hamilton, City of Charleston Police Department

"Let me just say how extremely pleased we were to have instructors from the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association teaching at our annual in-service training for our law enforcement personnel.  It was a huge success!  Both instructors were outstanding in their presentations.  Both represented the NLLEA in a professional manner and their material and insight was on point.  Having instructors who are also dedicated to the enforcement of their state’s liquor laws and regulations gave credibility to the information they were sharing with our agents.  I would highly recommend to other state liquor enforcement agencies to utilize the instructors provided by the NLLEA."

Chief Bond Tubbs, Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission